Canada & Australia to open for Nepali workers


The government and Nepali foreign employment agencies are trying to secure jobs for Nepali migrant workers in Australia and Canada in a move to diversify labour destinations dominated by the Gulf.

Though the government has opened 107 countries for foreign employment, only 75 countries have been accepting Nepali workers, with 96 percent of them going to Gulf.

Purna Chandra Bhattarai, joint-secretary at the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management,said that Nepali foreign employment agencies had already started to promote Nepal’s workforce and seek openings in Australia and Canada. These countries have been hiring Nepali workers through personal contacts in various sectors.

“Our labour destination have always been the Gulf countries,” he said.”This is an effort to expand our labour destinations to other countries.”

He added that the government had already given a positive signal to Nepali recruiting agencies about the possibility of sending Nepali workers to these two countries.”We will also make the necessary efforts from the government side.”

Bhattarai said that there was a good chance of foreign employment especially in the security sector because of the historical image of Nepalis as “brave Gurkhas”.”These countries can be the best labour destination for young pensioners from the security forces,” he added.

Meanwhile,the government is also in the process of re-opening Hong Kong for Nepali workers. “The process to re-open Hong Kong for foreign employment so far seems positive,” he said. Hong Kong which has remained closed for Nepali workers since 2004, is one of the lucrative destinations for Nepali female workers in particular.

The government is also working to allow Nepali foreign employment agencies to send migrant workers to Poland,Ukraine and Cyprus. It has already granted permission to send workers to Mauritius,Libya and Romania.

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