Nepali Students stranded in UK


After the UK government shut down Cecos London College, 100 Nepali students are left without a school to go to.

The college was charged with evading taxes, lacking appropriate facilities, over-enrolling students, and hiring illegal residents.

“I have no idea what am I supposed to do now,” said Anuska (name changed), an OTHM Diploma student. She paid about £3,000 for admission and college registration fee in the college. A group of 20 students approached Nepali embassy in the UK to seek help but in vain. They were asked to seek the help of a solicitor instead.

UK has been the preferred destination for most Nepalese students after Australia imposed strict visa regulations following a number of breaches on its visa regulations late last year.

Nepalese students flow to the UK hasn’t simmered down despite most of the ongoing students are well aware of harsh life conditions they have to face there.

(Source: Kantipur)

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