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A refrigerator is one of the major appliances that sit in our kitchen for years, which is why it is essential we get one that is perfect for our homes. With a range of refrigerators to choose from, the choice has only become harder. Variation in storage capacity and energy consumption are just some of the things to consider. Here are some refrigerators with distinctive features that offer something unique for everyone.

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Best luxury model

LG is one of the leading electronics brand in Nepal for home appliances, mobiles, audio-visual devices and more. The brand has a wide range of refrigerators to choose from among the single-door, double-door and side-by-side varieties. Sanjay Rajb-handary, Deputy General Manager for CG Electronics says, “The market for LG in Nepal has always been excellent and we are optimistic that this trend will continue in the days to come.” LG’s innovative Door-in-Door (GT-D5101NS) refrigerator is every home-maker’s delight. It features a double layered door design which allows one to open the mini door with the click of a button. It also contains an adjustable moving basket for smarter storage space. The refrigerator is equipped with Inverter Linear Compressor tech-nology, which comes with a 10-year warranty and enables energy saving, freshness, reduced noise levels and better durability. Hygiene Fresh+, its unique air purifying device circulates air through a special fan that supplies fresh, deodorised air and filters harm-ful bacteria. The refrigerator comes in two variants of 458 litre and 507 litre capacity and is priced at Rs 1,30,990 and Rs 1,47,990 respectively.

Best budget-friendly models

Whirlpool is a renowned name in the electronics industry and boasts of a wide range of refrigerators. Marketing Manager at Nepa Hima Trade Link Pvt Ltd says, “Customers are satisfied with the quality products by Whirlpool which has led to a year by year growth in our sales and market share.” Its 205 IceMagic Powercool ROY and 260 IceMagic Fresh PRM were recently launched in the Nepali market.

Whirlpool’s 205 IceMagic Powercool ROY, priced at Rs 29,000, flaunts a simple yet elegant design and is available in the Midnight Bloom shade. The refrigerator is equipped with Whirlpool’s patented and revolu-tionary 6th Sense PowerCool technolo-gy and Insulated Capillary technology which retains cooling for up to 12 hours. With a capacity of 190 litres, the refrigerator contains a platform to store dry vegetables, provides two ice trays and works without a stabiliser.

The 260 IceMagic Fresh PRM by Whirlpool is an innovative and stylish refrigerator boosted by revolutionary 6th Sense FreshControl technology. It is available in Wine colour and is priced at Rs 32,000. Equipped with MicroBlock technology and HoneyComb Moisture Lock-in tech-nology, it maintains the freshness of fruits and vegetables and traps moisture for up to seven days. The re-frigerator with 245 litre capacity con-tains three shelves, two rows of ice trays, promises 12 hours of cooling re-tention and works without a stabiliser.

Best model for customisation

Godrej is one of the leading Indian brands in Nepal offering numerous home appliances. It is distributed in Nepal by CG Electronics. Godrej’s RT EON SG refrigerator with 342 litre capacity comes with an extra-large vegetable tray, removable bins attached to the door and polybag suspenders in the freezer to help store food without hassle. Its Anti-B technology keeps food germ free and fresh. The Cool Shower technology comprises of shelves with in-built air vents placed directly above the food, ensuring superior cooling. The special Zinc Oxide Protec-tion (ZOP) technology fights against rust. The compressor comes with a 10 year warranty. The refrigerator contains three shelves and is priced at Rs 67,099.

LG Refrigerator Prices In Nepal

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