Domestic Airlines reduces fuel surcharge on airfare


Domestic airlines have reduced fuel surcharge on passenger airfares following the reduction of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) price by the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC).
The revised fuel surcharge on both trunk and short take-off and landing (STOL) routes will come into effect from Sunday.

According to Airlines Operators Association of Nepal (AOAN) — an umbrella body of domestic airlines operators — the fuel surcharge has been decreased by Rs 90 to Rs 440 on trunk routes and Rs 40 to Rs 340 on STOL routes.

Privately-owned domestic carriers are allowed to review fuel surcharge if price of fuel increases or decreases by at least four rupees per liter. The NOC had reduced ATF price by Rs 10 per liter on Thursday.

Sector Fuel Charge (Old) Fuel Charge (New) Max Fare
Mountain Flight 1585 345 11300
Pokhara 1655 155 5050
Bharatpur 1120 110 3650
Biratnagar 2510 240 7550
Janakpur 1345 130 4300
Simara 940 90 3120
Bhairahawa 2150 285 7200
Dhangadi 4615 440 12650
Nepalganj 3415 325 10000
Bhadrapur 3135 300 9100
Tumlingtaar 1925 185 6000

Ghanashyam Acharya, spokesperson for AOAN, said that the passengers will be the ultimate beneficiaries when ATF price drops. The total airfare will go down along with the fuel surcharge, he added.

As per the revised fuel surcharge, tickets for mountain flights will now cost Rs 11,300 from Kathmandu.

Similarly, flights to Pokhara, Bharatpur, Biratnagar, Janakpur, and Simara from Kathmandu will costs Rs 5,050, Rs 3,650, Rs 7,550, Rs 4,300, and Rs 3,120 respectively. Likewise, air fares to Bhairahawa, Dhangadhi, Nepalgunj, Bhadrapur and Tumlingtar from Kathmandu will be Rs 6,200, Rs 12,650, Rs 10,000, Rs 9,100, and Rs 6,000 respectively.

Airlines operators had increased airfare in August last year when the NOC had increased ATF price.

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