Redmi Y3 Likely to Launch Soon


Xiaomi announced a new series for the Redmi line last year – the Redmi S2 which was announced in May and was the first in the series. This phone was later launched in India as a rebranded Redmi Y2.

The company is going to refresh this line this year with the new Redmi Y3 or probably as Redmi S3 in some global markets.

A new Xiaomi smartphone, Redmi Y3 recently received Wi-Fi certification. The Wi-Fi listing also revealed the Redmi Y3 is running on Android 9 Pie. Details on the Redmi Y3 are still limited, but it is expected to be a selfie-focused phone like the Redmi Y2. Launched last June in India, Redmi Y2 features a 16-megapixel front camera with features like AI-based portrait mode.

Redmi Y3 was discovered on the WI-Fi Alliance website last week after receiving a Wi-Fi certificate. The certification shows the model number of the phone as being at M1810F6G . It will work immediately with the Android 9 Pie and support Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz.

The other features of the phone are not yet known. Redmi Y2 had a Snapdragon 625 processor, but we do not expect a Snapdragon 632 upgrade on the Redmi Y3 will be a smart move.

We expect the Redmi Y3 to continue to be equipped with two cameras, such as it’s predecessor, a fingerprint reader for the back and hopefully a larger battery and an improved selfie camera. It should also have a lower price than Redmi Note 7 for INR 9,999 (~ $ 145).

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