Govt to track public vehicles using GPS


The government is planning to install Global Position System (GPS) in public vehicles across the country.

The Department of Transportation Management Division has agreed to partner with the World Bank for the project which is expected to start by the end of this fiscal year.

However, the World Bank is yet to state the total support it will fund into the program.

“We are yet to agree on the funding part and the working modality,” Gokarna Prasad Upadhyaya, information officer at the DoTM said.

“We’ll install GPS in all public vehicles across the country in the first phase,” he said. “In the second phase, we will expand it to government and private vehicles. The government is likely to fund the second phase.”

In October 2018, DoTM had developed a concept paper to introduce GPS system.

By equipping vehicles with GPS, the DoTM hopes it will help to manage and track vehicular movements and increase security.

In addition, GPS will provide real-time data about a vehicle’s conditions, reduce accidents and control crimes committed by using vehicles.

The World Bank had expressed interest to partner with the government in the program.

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