Apple iPhone 11 to come with few design changes


The rumors surrounding the next iPhone 11 are really scarce at the moment. For now we only have the fair idea that Apple will finally implement 3 rear cameras in the rear panel of the smartphone in a squary setup.

This new video from Waqar Khan shows us a bit of what we believe will become the next flagship device of the Cupertino giant. We just have to be aware that this 3D render is from the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max. The “R” model should only have two rear cameras.

Few Design Changes

Apart from the triple camera with 3 sensors, the next iPhones are not expected to be very different. Apple has been very accommodating in the design of its equipment and this year will not be much different than the last.

The front of the device should be identical to the front ones. Still, some brand lovers believe there will be a small reduction in the size of the front notch.

However, reducing the notch of the next iPhones will be more complex than imagined due to the technology imposed at the top of the screen(notch housing). I remember that Apple is the only company that gives us 3D facial recognition and that too super sophisticated. Therefore, to reduce the notch the American company would have to implement the same technology of the predecessors in a confined space.

Past information from the analyst at Barclays stated that Apple will introduce the biometric sensor on the screen, however, not on the next iPhones. This possibility will only be seen in the 2020 models. That is, in the iPhone 11S and iPhone 11S Max.

In short, although this video does not guarantee us that the iPhone 11 will not be exactly the same, the odds are great. My only doubt is the mute button that looks slightly different and there are still no leaks or rumors to indicate such information.

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