Nokia ahead of Huawei in 5G orders

Nokia 5G orders
European countries are particularly interested in Nokia equipment.

In recent weeks, Nokia has experienced an increased interest in its telecommunications equipment for next-generation networks. According to one of its leaders, this helped beat the Chinese company Huawei on orders for 5G equipment.

To date, Nokia has received 42 orders, ahead of competitors – Huawei and Ericsson. It is estimated that Huawei has about 40 orders, Ericsson has officially announced 19 contracts, of which eight are live.

Allegedly, customers are increasingly turning to Nokia, including in an effort to find a replacement for the former supplier.

At the same time, European countries are particularly interested in discussing the participation of Chinese suppliers in cellular networks. Obviously, the US concern about the safety of Chinese equipment has increased the attractiveness of Scandinavian suppliers – Nokia and Ericsson.

Nokia said 22 of its 5G deals are with named customers such as T-Mobile, Telia and Softbank. It has won 12 new 5G orders since late March.

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