Clones of unannounced iPhone 11 available for purchase in Chinese market

iPhone 11 clones

Exact copies of the latest iPhone models are common in China. However, this time clones of unannounced iPhone 11 carefully disguised as originals, began to appear several months earlier than their formal launch.

Based on data leaked on the internet about the shape and size of future iPhones with square protrusions in the rear camera panel, few chinese manufacturer constructed these clones. So the appearance of finished products made from them should not be surprising. The Amazing Unboxing YouTube channel uploaded a video with fake “iPhone 11” in black, white and golden colors which can be seen below.

Visually, the devices look like top-end iPhones, in addition these devices are equipped with triple cameras, and at least one of the cameras is as shown in the video, quite working.The devices are based on Android Operating system with fake iOS UI on top. The video reviewer also proves this by opening the App Store from apple which fails to load at all.

The most conspicuous detail that produces clones in devices is the wider field than the screen on the sides. The virtual keyboard used is also different from the regular one in iOS. Finally, the new iPhone should , according to rumors, change the design of the silent mode switch, but then in these clones it looks just like the iPhone XS Max. According to the author of the video, the clones are made by the Chinese manufacturer Goophone.

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