iPhone 6 explodes in girl’s bedroom

iphone on fire

An 11-year-old girl from Bakesfield California claims that her iPhone 6 has exploded recently. Kayla Ramos was holding the smartphone when she started to see “sparks everywhere” and tossed it onto the bed. As is visible in the video shared by 13 ABC News channel, the burnt iPhone 6 has created holes in the blanket after being thrown.

The California teenager has tipped off the TV channel that typically she uses only the device to watch videos on Youtube. However, as we see in the video below, things did not go well this time.

“I was sitting, and I had the phone in my hand. Suddenly I saw sparks everywhere, and I threw it on the blanket, “she began. “I was here in bed and the cell phone started to burn on this blanket and made these holes,” concludes the young woman, while showing the blanket.

Apple is already investigating the cause of the explosion

The girls mother, Maria Adata, contacted Apple and was told she would have to send the device to a company service center. Apple will provide a new smartphone to the family and investigate the possible causes of the explosion. However, the apple company did not come out public to comment on this situation.

Apple has admitted in the past that there are some reasons that can cause an iPhone to overheat and burn. These include the use of unofficial charging cables or after-sales repairs. However, the family admits that none of these situations applies to this case.

At this point we will have to wait until Apple comes to the public to comment on the subject. This is not the first time an iPhone catches fire, so we’ll have to wait for more details on the case.

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