Infinix Unveils Note 40 Series Racing Edition with Striking BMW-Inspired Design

Infinix has introduced the Racing Edition variants of its Note 40 series smartphones, showcasing a striking new design inspired by the collaboration with BMW Group Designworks.

The lineup includes the Racing Edition models of the Infinix Note 40, Note 40 5G, Note 40 Pro, Note 40 Pro 5G, and Note 40 Pro+ 5G.

The Racing Edition phones feature a sleek silver finish with vertical ridges on the rear panel, providing an enhanced grip and a distinctive look. Additionally, the devices boast eye-catching red and blue accents next to the camera modules, adding a sporty and dynamic touch to the overall aesthetic.

While the design has been revamped, the specifications of the Infinix Note 40 series Racing Edition remain unchanged from their standard counterparts, which were unveiled earlier this year. The phones continue to offer the same hardware and features as their respective standard models.

Pricing and availability vary by region, with the Infinix Note 40 Racing Edition starting at $209 (approximately Rs. 17,400), the Note 40 5G Racing Edition starting at $259 (approximately Rs. 21,600), the 4G and 5G versions of the Note 40 Pro Racing Edition starting from $279 (approximately Rs. 23,300) and $309 (approximately Rs. 25,800), respectively, and the top-of-the-line Note 40 Pro+ 5G Racing Edition starting from $329 (approximately Rs. 27,500).

The Infinix Note 40 series Racing Edition smartphones are currently available for purchase in several global markets, with pricing and availability details varying based on the region.

With this special edition, Infinix aims to offer a fresh and distinctive design experience to its customers while maintaining the same powerful performance and features that the Note 40 series is known for.

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