A New Huawei Car is Coming: See the Images Here

If you’re passionate about everything related to automobiles, we might have good news for you. It appears that a new Huawei car is on the way, as identified through photographs not revealed by the brand.

According to Car News China, this could be a second model from Luxeed, possibly named the S9. It’s worth noting that this type of vehicle is a result of a partnership between Huawei and Chery, although it is usually sold in Huawei stores.

Similarities with the Nio ET9

Some people see similarities with the Nio ET9, particularly in profile. However, it’s expected that the new car will have a sportier look.

So, what is known so far? Based on the obtained images, it’s possible to see that the headlights have three lenses. Additionally, there are practically no protrusions, either at the front or rear.

In fact, the rear still shows some hints of the previous S7 model. The taillights, in particular, are reminiscent of that model’s design. Another relevant note is that the car doors are not expected to have frames.

Interior Glimpse

The best part is that these leaked photographs aren’t limited to the car’s exterior. It’s also possible to get a perspective of what’s coming with this new Huawei vehicle from the inside.

The double-layer design is immediately noticeable, quite similar to the S7 model. Additionally, two screens can be observed. The one that appears to be the central control screen is located at the front. An LCD instrument screen is found at the rear.

The steering wheel itself, based on what the photographs show us, seems to have a flattened shape.

Potential Release and Specs

As Car News China mentions, there are no official updates from the brand. However, rumors tend to emerge. That said, it’s expected that the S9 will have battery options of 82 and 100 kWh.

Little else is known about the subject. However, it’s anticipated that it won’t be long before the launch of the new Huawei and Chery Luxeed S9. The same source suggests that it could be released this month, although a launch in the third quarter is more likely.

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