Amazon Elevates Bedside Smart Speaker Experience with Echo Spot 2024 Launch

Amazon Echo Spot 2024 With Alexa Integration, Semi-Circular Display Launched

Amazon has unveiled the 2024 edition of its Echo Spot smart speaker, a significant upgrade from its 2017 predecessor. This new bedside companion boasts a sleek semi-circular design, ditching the camera for a focus on enhanced audio and visual experiences.

A New Era of Bedside Tech:

Priced at $79.99 (approximately Rs. 6,680), the Echo Spot 2024 is a more affordable option than its predecessor, making it an attractive entry point for those seeking a smart speaker with a display. Prime members in the US can snag the device for a mere $44.99 (approximately Rs. 3,750) during the upcoming Prime Day sale.

Enhanced Hardware and Software:

Amazon claims the Echo Spot 2024 features significant hardware improvements across the board, including a better display and enhanced audio quality. The most noticeable design change is the shift from a circular to a semi-circular display, with the bottom half now housing a 1.73-inch front-firing speaker.

The 2.83-inch touchscreen display, boasting a 240×320 pixels resolution, offers a customizable clock, weather widget, and an interface for viewing song titles. The clock face itself can be personalized with six color options, allowing users to create unique designs.

Alexa Integration and Smart Home Control:

As with other Echo devices, the Echo Spot 2024 is powered by Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. Users can ask questions, give commands, and control compatible smart home devices with their voice. Amazon has also added 10 unique response animations triggered by specific prompts, adding a touch of personality to Alexa interactions.

Additional features include audio drop-ins from other Alexa devices and alerts from compatible smart doorbells.


The Echo Spot 2024 is currently available in select markets in Black, Glacier White, and Ocean Blue color options. While there are no immediate plans for an India launch, its innovative design and features are expected to garner global interest.


The Echo Spot 2024 represents a significant evolution of Amazon’s bedside smart speaker, offering a more affordable and visually appealing alternative for those seeking an Alexa-powered device with a display. With its enhanced hardware, customizable clock face, and playful animations, the Echo Spot 2024 promises to elevate the bedside smart speaker experience.

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