Elgato Launches World’s first 4K@60 fps webcam, the FaceCam Pro

Elgato Facecam Pro

Elgato, a subsidiary of Corsair, has added the FaceCam Pro, a webcam aimed at content creators, to its lineup.

The Facecam Pro is, in theory, the first webcam on the market to deliver native 4K quality at 60 frames per second.

The camera has a 21mm (scratch-resistant) f/2.0 autofocus lens and a Sony Starvis CMOS sensor with 18 layers of anti-reflective coating. The camera’s focal length is manually adjustable, with no lower or higher bounds.

The infrared light will not affect the sensor and the wide aperture will allow you to capture a passable image in low light thanks to the 90-degree field-of-view gadget.

Elgato’s newest image signal processor, a powerhouse chip, rounds out the webcam’s top-tier performance by encoding and streaming 4K60 video via USB 3.0 with ultra-low latency, as well as enabling instant light correction, automatic noise reduction, and a slew of other nano-computations that deliver phenomenal video quality in any environment.

The processor applies a sophisticated algorithm that downscales raw 4K60 video to 1080p60 video, allowing you to stream higher-quality Full HD video than you would with a normal 1080p webcam even in apps that do not support 4K60 video input.

The included monitor mount for the Facecam Pro is sturdy and offers a standard 1/4-inch thread for mounting the webcam to the included Elgato Multi Mount or any other tripod that is compatible with the Facecam Pro. You may start using it immediately thanks to the provided USB-C to USB-C cable.

Facecam Pro gives you access to top-tier gear and software for making high-quality, professional 4K60 video, whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade.

Camera Hub, another excellent software-enhanced user experience from Elgato, allows you to adjust key camera parameters like depth of field, exposure, and white balance just like you would on a DSLR.

Thanks to its powerful sensor and ISP, the Facecam Pro is able to apply cinematic PTZ effects such as pan, tilt, and zoom without introducing any pixilation, and content creators using GeForce RTX GPUs can take advantage of NVIDIA Broadcast integration, which enables AI-powered effects such as background replacement and cinematic background blur.

When you switch computers or restart, all of your Camera Hub preferences will be just where you left them in Facecam Pro.

Camera Hub, like all Elgato programs, is compatible with Stream Deck, allowing for instantaneous, tactile control of camera settings and full connection with your AV system.

The Camera Hub plugin has been updated for Facecam Pro and is now available in the Stream Deck Store. This update allows you to initiate preset pan, tilt, and zoom transitions with the tap of a key on Stream Deck.

The FaceCam Pro model comes with a 2-year guarantee, and sets us back a hefty $300 at the counter.

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