Government to provide Rs 15,000 to the chronically ill on a quarterly basis

Medical Expenses

The government will provide Rs 5,000 monthly for medical treatment to four types of chronic patients. The Ministry of Health and Population has decided to provide Rs 5,000 monthly to patients undergoing kidney transplant, dialysis, cancer and spinal cord paralysis.

The government has opened the way for the implementation of the decision by formulating working procedures using the right given under Section 64 of the Public Health Services Act, 2075 BS to reduce the financial burden on the patients as medical treatment has to be done for a long time and is quite expensive.

The Ministry of Health has approved the procedure 2068 to provide expenses for medical treatment by making a ministerial decision. The Ministry of Health has stated that the policy, planning and monitoring division has written to 753 locals across the country to provide funds for the implementation of the procedure.

It is mentioned in the working procedure that Rs 15,000 on a quaterly basis will be deposited in the bank account of the patient on the last day of the month at the rate of Rs. 5000 per month.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are currently 34,030 patients with kidney disease, 16,550 with cancer and 610 with spinal paralysis in Nepal.

How to get this allowance?

According to the procedure, the patient needs a copy of the national identity card number or citizenship certificate, in case of a minor, a copy of the birth certificate, a doctor’s recommendation is required to get the medical expenses.

Patients with spinal paralysis should apply to the concerned local level ward office along with a copy of the red or blue card received regarding the disability.

Who doesn’t get this allowance?

According to the rules of procedure, the person receiving employment / pension from the Government of Nepal or the organization or organization owned or wholly owned by the Government of Nepal or receiving employment / pension from the foreign government will not be eligible.

Similarly, senior citizen allowance, single woman allowance, dalit allowance, backwardness allowance, disability allowance provided by the Government of Nepal, social security allowance received in the past from the Government of Nepal or any one of the allowances / monthly stipends provided under this guideline will not be eligible.

As mentioned in the procedure, a person suffering from more than one disease will not get double allowance.

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