HMD Debuts First Feature Phones in India: Budget-Friendly with Built-in UPI Support

HMD Global has unveiled its first feature phones under its own brand in India – the HMD 110 and HMD 105. These budget-friendly devices cater to users seeking essential functionality at an affordable price.

Designed for Value and Convenience:

Both phones offer a variety of features beyond basic calling and texting. Users can enjoy multimedia capabilities with an MP3 player and wired/wireless FM radio. Additionally, a phone talker and auto call recording functions add further convenience.

Highlighting Connectivity and Security:

The key highlight of these feature phones is the inclusion of built-in UPI apps. This empowers users to seamlessly make secure digital payments, bridging the gap for those who might not have access to smartphones.

Standout Features:

  • Available in multiple color options (Black & Green for HMD 110, Black, Blue & Purple for HMD 105)
  • Large displays (exact size not specified)
  • Voice assistant support (details not provided)
  • Dual LED flash (HMD 105 only)
  • Rear camera (HMD 110 only, specifications unknown)
  • 1,000mAh battery with up to 18 days standby time
  • Support for 9 local input languages and 23 display language

Price and Availability:

The HMD 105 starts at an attractive price of Rs. 999, while the HMD 110 is available for Rs. 1,119. Both phones will be available for purchase starting June 11th through HMD’s official website, e-commerce platforms, and offline retail stores across India.

A Note on Missing Details:

While the press release offers a good overview, some specifications like display size, specific voice assistant support, and camera details for the HMD 110 remain unclear. We can expect more information to surface as the launch date approaches.

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