Huawei Surges Ahead of Apple in China’s High-End Smartphone Market During 618 Sales

China’s monumental 618 shopping festival has concluded, revealing a significant shift in the high-end smartphone market. Domestic manufacturers, led by Huawei, have emerged as the dominant force, upending Apple’s traditional stronghold in this premium segment.

This trend is evident in’s “Smartphone Racing Ranking,” where a staggering seven out of the top ten best-selling models priced above 6000 yuan (approximately $828) during 618 hailed from Chinese brands. Huawei itself secured the most entries, showcasing its resurgence in the high-end arena.

Huawei Steals the Show with Innovative Offerings and Competitive Pricing

This marks a noteworthy change for the Chinese market, where Apple has historically held a commanding position. While Apple retained a presence with three entries – the iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Plus – Huawei stole the spotlight with five entries: the feature-rich Pura 70 series (including Pro, Pro+, and Ultra variants) and the powerful Mate 60 Pro. Additionally, Vivo secured two spots with their innovative foldable X Fold 3 and the feature-packed X100 Ultra.

Huawei’s dominance extends beyond the sheer number of models. Their flagship Mate 60 Pro, launched last August, has reportedly maintained exceptional resale value. Despite an initial price point of 6499 yuan ($896) through the Pioneer Program, the phone has witnessed minimal depreciation on e-commerce platforms, reflecting strong consumer confidence in Huawei’s high-end products.

Multiple Factors Fueling the Shift

This market shift can be attributed to several key factors. Firstly, domestic manufacturers like Huawei have made significant strides in innovation, crafting feature-laden smartphones that rival or even surpass Apple in certain aspects. Secondly, aggressive pricing strategies, especially during sales periods like 618, have made these high-end devices more accessible to domestic consumers. Finally, ongoing geopolitical tensions between China and the US might be influencing some consumers to favor domestic brands.

Apple Adapts, But the Landscape is Changing

Apple remains a major player in the high-end market. Their strategic decision to lower prices, with the iPhone 15 starting at 4599 yuan ($634), has helped them maintain a presence. However, with Huawei leading the charge and other domestic brands like Vivo demonstrating strong potential, consumers now have a wider array of compelling options to consider in the ultra-high-end smartphone segment. This not only intensifies competition for Apple but also signifies a potential turning point in the global smartphone landscape.

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