iPhone Xr was the best-selling smartphone in the world in 2019

10 Best Selling Smartphones in 2019

Apple seems to have cracked on the formula to make its smartphones popular again. According to information from Omdia analysts, the iPhone Xr was the best-selling smartphone in 2019. However, Xiaomi also managed to grab its place in the Top 10, something that was little expected.

The list is dominated by Apple and Samsung. These two companies are among the top sellers of smartphones in the world and Huawei’s troubled situation is causing the company’s sales to drop especially in markets where Google services are almost mandatory.

10 best-selling smartphones of 2019

Model Units sold (Millions)
Apple iPhone Xr 46.3
Apple iPhone 11 37.3
Samsung Galaxy A10 30.3
Samsung Galaxy A50 24.2
Samsung Galaxy A20 19.2
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 17.6
Apple iPhone 8 17.4
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 16.4
Apple iPhone 11 Pro 15.5
Samsung Galaxy J2 Core 15.2

We can see on the table above that the iPhone Xr leads the topmost position which according to the information of the analysts dominated the year 2019. No wonder, the iPhone Xr is a quality smartphone with a price well below the devices that Apple often sells. In addition, it was offered in various shades of colors to attract different buyers preference.

Xiaomi’s appearance in the Top 10 best-selling smartphones

Xiaomi managed to enter the Top 10 with the sale of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. A mid-range smartphone that has been conquering markets where the value of the device is a priority.

Xiaomi is gaining strong-hold in various global markets and this year 2020 it is expected to achieve even more success since the Chinese manufacturer Huawei has been lamed with US sanctions imposed upon it by the US.

Xiaomi smartphones are among those that most offer an excellent quality / price ratio, however, Samsung has also surprised in this segment with its new “A” models.

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