Jyoti KC becomes first American Nepali to complete Analog Astronaut training

Jyoti KC Nepali Astronaut

Jyoti KC, who is currently living in the United States, has become the first Nepali astronaut. With the recognition of an analog astronaut, she became the first astronaut from Nepal.

Posting on social media, KC said that she has recently become the first Nepali-American astronaut by completing the training of an analog astronaut.

She said she was accompanied by crew members from the United States, Mexico and Poland during the two-week training in Poland.

Jyoti mentioned on social media that she has just completed analog astronaut training and has been officially certified as an analog astronaut.

During the training, they were trained in robotic equipment, vehicle, habitat, communication, power generation, design, aero and hydro plantation.

The training team also received training on Isolation and Confinement Team Dynamics, Menu Fatigue and other practical effects.

KC, who went to the US five years ago after winning the DV lottery, is currently serving in the US Air Force.

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