Kathmandu Metropolitan City Launches 3 Day Skill Fair to Boost Employment

Kathmandu Skill Fair 2024

In a proactive move to address the pressing issue of unemployment, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is hosting a Skill Fair starting today. This three-day event aims to connect job seekers with a diverse range of employers, with the goal of providing employment opportunities to more than 2,081 individuals.

The Skill Fair, taking place at the Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall in Kathmandu, is a strategic initiative by the city’s leadership to tackle the unemployment challenge.

Sunita Dangol, the Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, emphasized the importance of this event, stating, “This Skill Fair is a crucial step in our efforts to address the unemployment challenge facing our city. By bringing together job seekers and employers under one roof, we aim to facilitate meaningful connections and create employment opportunities that can transform the lives of our citizens.”

The event will feature a wide array of participating companies and organizations, spanning various sectors such as information technology, hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing. These employers will be actively seeking to fill a variety of positions, from entry-level roles to mid-career and senior-level opportunities.

Deepak Adhikari, KMC’s co-spokesperson, mentioned that individuals who missed the online registration could still fill out forms at the training venue.

In addition to the job fair, the Skill Fair will also host a series of skill development workshops and career counseling sessions. These sessions are designed to empower job seekers with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the job market effectively, enhancing their chances of securing meaningful employment.

The training is a collaborative effort between Higher Institutions and Secondary Schools’ Association Nepal (HISSAN), Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI), Nepal Training and Employment Trade Federation of Nepal (FP-TEN), Glocal, Sipradi Trading, CCTV Station, and Smart Home. This partnership brings together employers, educational institutions, and social sectors for a common cause.

As part of the Metropolitan Pride Project, over 34 vocational training programs are offered under the ‘Employment and Income Growth, Kathmandu’s Prosperity’ initiative. Additionally, 4,000 individuals are receiving training in ‘Cyber Security’.

Ten areas have been identified for training at the Skill Fair, encompassing 29 types of vocational training. These areas include automobiles, construction, hospitality and management, information technology, mechanical, art and culture, garments, beautician, Sign Making, and priesthood.

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s Skill Fair is a testament to the city’s commitment to addressing the unemployment crisis and fostering a skilled workforce. As the event unfolds, job seekers and employers alike are expected to seize the opportunity to forge mutually beneficial partnerships, ultimately driving economic growth and prosperity in the Nepali capital.

The key purpose of the Skill Fair organized by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is to provide employment opportunities to more than 2,000 individuals.

The goal of the training is to:

  • Show that there are many opportunities for employment domestically.
  • Transition individuals from the informal sector to the formal economy by equipping them with necessary skills.
  • Connect ‘education with skills’, ‘skills with labor’ and ‘labor with production’ to make those who do not have skills have skills, to create employment and self-employment for those who have skills, to increase the professional level of those who are employed but without skills and to increase their income.

Over the course of one month, free training will be provided in high-demand professions to 2,081 people.

So in summary, the primary purpose of the Skill Fair organized by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City is to provide vocational training and connect job seekers with employment opportunities, with the aim of addressing unemployment and transitioning people into the formal job market.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is organizing a Skill Fair that will start today and run for three days. The event is being held at the Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall in Kathmandu.

Dates: The Skill Fair starts today and runs for 3 days(May 1,2,3).
Location: Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall, Kathmandu

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