A smart toilet with Alexa that costs over $10,000 is available for purchase

Kohler Numi 2.0

The marvelous aspect of the technology world is the numerous inventions that are introduced. And even if some of these concepts prove to be useful in our everyday lives, others fall into the category of the strange, yet they remain intriguing.

As a result, a distinct concept of a smart and inventive bathroom was recently made available for purchase; it includes the Alexa assistant, which enables the user to ask for clarification while using the equipment.

This concept, which includes illumination, costs in excess of ten thousand dollars. Therefore, let’s learn more about her.

Over $10,000 for a commode featuring Alexa

This technology, known as Kohler Numi 2.0, was unveiled in 2019. However, it was only recently placed up for sale, and its worth is not at all desirable: it costs over $10,000.

This toilet costs specifically 11,500 dollars. Obviously, your bathroom is unlike any other, hence becoming a futuristic and unique area.

We are frequently astonished by technical advancements, and a weird new product demonstrates that technology can be utilized in a variety of settings.

Thus, a smart toilet with multiple features, including a backlight, a dryer, ultraviolet disinfectant that cleans the surface, a toilet temperature regulator, and even the virtual assistant Alexa from Amazon, who can be questioned about and understood via a loudspeaker and a microphone, was made available for purchase.

This is one of the most recent developments in home automation, or the sector of smart homes.

Consequently, imagine being in the comfort of your bathroom while conversing with Alexa about any topic imaginable. It may seem unusual now, but who knows whether anything similar will occur in the future?

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