LG Revolutionizes Gaming with UltraGear OLED Series: 240Hz Refresh Rate, Vivid Visuals, and Immersive Curved Displays

LG Revolutionizes Gaming with UltraGear OLED Series: 240Hz Refresh Rate, Vivid Visuals, and Immersive Curved Displays

LG Electronics has unleashed its highly anticipated 2024 UltraGear OLED series monitors in India, setting a new standard for gaming excellence. With four sizes ranging from 27 to 45 inches, this series boasts a groundbreaking fusion of OLED technology and Micro Lens Array Plus (MLA+), resulting in unprecedented brightness and the deepest blacks imaginable.

Unparalleled Visual Experience:

The entire UltraGear OLED lineup boasts HDR True Black 400 certification, ensuring breathtaking visuals with a 1.5 million:1 contrast ratio. This means vibrant colors pop off the screen, while inky blacks deepen the immersion in your favorite games and movies.

  • 27GS95QE-B.ATR: This 27-inch QHD model offers a blistering 240Hz refresh rate and 0.03ms response time, catering to competitive gamers who demand the utmost responsiveness.
  • 34GS95QE-B.ATR: The 34-inch curved WQHD variant with an 800R curvature engulfs your field of vision, providing an unparalleled level of immersion for both gaming and content consumption.
  • 39GS95QE-B.ATR: The 39-inch WQHD monitor expands your horizons with a 21:9 aspect ratio, ideal for multi-tasking or immersing yourself in expansive virtual worlds.
  • 45GS95QE-B.ATR: The series’ crowning jewel, this colossal 45-inch WQHD display with HDR True Black 400 certification delivers the ultimate in size and visual fidelity.

Gaming Performance Redefined:

Gamers will revel in the series’ lightning-fast response times of 0.03ms and refresh rates up to 240Hz, guaranteeing buttery-smooth gameplay and minimizing motion blur. Accurate color reproduction is ensured with sRGB 95% and DCI-P3 98.5% color gamuts, rendering every scene with stunning realism.

Moreover, the anti-glare OLED coating ensures comfortable viewing even during extended gaming sessions, while NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technologies eliminate screen tearing and stuttering for a flawless gaming experience.

Pricing and Availability:

LG’s UltraGear OLED series is now available for purchase in India. The 27-inch model starts at ₹1,20,000, the 34-inch model at ₹1,66,500, and the 39-inch model at ₹1,90,000. The 27-inch and 34-inch variants can be found on LG.com and major retailers, while the 39-inch model will hit shelves on July 22nd, 2024.

With the UltraGear OLED series, LG has solidified its position as a leader in gaming technology, providing gamers and content creators with a range of options to elevate their visual experience to new heights.

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