Meta AI Launches in India, Integrating with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger

New Delhi, June 24 : Meta Platforms, Inc. today unveiled its AI-powered assistant, Meta AI, in the Indian market. The rollout marks a significant step in Meta’s ambition to democratize access to artificial intelligence and enhance user experiences across its suite of social media platforms.

The versatile AI assistant is designed to streamline daily tasks, foster creative expression, and provide personalized learning experiences. Seamlessly integrated into WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and, Meta AI brings a range of capabilities directly to the fingertips of Indian users.

Leveraging Meta’s cutting-edge large language model, Meta Llama 3, Meta AI offers a more intuitive and responsive interaction compared to its predecessors. The AI assistant is equipped to handle diverse user requests, from generating personalized travel itineraries to creating unique AI-generated art pieces based on text prompts.

The integration of Meta AI into WhatsApp opens a realm of possibilities for collaborative interactions. Users can now seek AI-powered recommendations or real-time information directly within group chats. In addition, the AI’s “imagine” feature allows for the generation of unique images, which can then be animated or modified further.

On Facebook, Meta AI enhances the user experience by providing additional context or insights related to posts in the feed. Students can utilize the AI to generate practice tests for exam preparation, while those seeking interior design inspiration can request AI-generated mood boards.

Meta emphasizes that the deployment of Meta AI in India is an ongoing process. As users interact with the AI, Meta will gather feedback to further refine and tailor the assistant to the unique needs and preferences of the Indian audience. By making AI accessible and adaptable, Meta aims to empower individuals and businesses alike to unlock new levels of productivity and creativity.

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