MINISFORUM MS-01 Gets a Budget-Friendly Refresh with Intel Core i5 Processor

MINISFORUM, known for its powerful mini-PCs, has introduced a more accessible version of its popular MS-01 model. The refreshed MS-01 swaps the high-end Intel Core i9 processor for the more budget-friendly Core i5-12600H, making it a compelling option for users seeking performance without breaking the bank.

Enhanced Affordability without Compromising Performance

While the Core i5-12600H may not match the raw power of the Core i9 variants, it still delivers impressive performance for a wide range of applications. Previous benchmarks have shown that the performance gap between the Core i7 and Core i9 models is not significant, suggesting that the Core i5 variant will still provide ample power for most tasks.

This strategic move by MINISFORUM opens the door to a wider audience, as the price of the refreshed MS-01 has dropped considerably. Initially starting at around $580/$870, the new version is now available on Amazon for approximately $450, and even less when purchased directly from MINISFORUM, starting at $399 or $589 with 32GB of RAM and 1TB of storage.

Retaining the Core Features

Despite the processor change and lower price, the refreshed MINISFORUM MS-01 retains the core features that made the original model so appealing. It still offers a compact and versatile design, a wide range of connectivity options, and the ability to handle demanding workloads like video editing, programming, and light gaming.

Expanding the Market Reach

By introducing a more affordable version of the MS-01, MINISFORUM is expanding its reach to a broader segment of the market. Users who were previously hesitant due to the higher price of the Core i9 models now have an attractive option that balances performance and affordability.


The refreshed MINISFORUM MS-01 with the Intel Core i5-12600H processor presents a compelling value proposition, offering a powerful mini-PC at a more accessible price point. While benchmark results for the Core i5 variant are yet to be released, the previous performance comparisons suggest that it will still deliver a satisfactory experience for most users.

With its combination of affordability, performance, and versatility, the refreshed MS-01 is poised to become a popular choice for those seeking a compact and powerful computing solution without breaking the bank.

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