National Identity Card number mandatory pre-requisite for obtaining epassport. How to apply?

epassport in nepal

Since last Wednesday, the government has been issuing e-passports (electronic passports) in place of machine-readable passports (MRP). Service recipients can apply online for the e-passport, which is currently being distributed on a testing phase.

There is a provision requiring applicants from Nepal to include their national identity card number(NID Card). The Ministry of Home Affairs’ Department of National Identity Card and Registration is currently collecting information on citizens in various parts of the country.

Under this, the individual who has completed the application form for the national identity card will immediately receive the national identity card number. If your suburb or local level does not collect the information, you can easily visit to the District Administration Office or designated facility in your area and submit the completed application form.

Additionally, even if you live in a different location or district, you can fill out the form at any of the nearby offices or organizations collecting information for the national identity card.

Within a few months, the government plans to issue biometric cards (national identity cards) with national identity. However, service recipients who have completed the form today will immediately receive their national identity card number. On the basis of this ID number, you can apply online for an e-passport.

If the daily quota is exhausted, your application will be fail in the submission process.

The application strain for the e-passport, which is presently being tested, has surged significantly. However, the passport office has been accepting barely 200 applications per day due to software issues.

After completion of the test, the department is prepared to launch electronic passports in the first week of January 2022.

How to Apply for National Identity Card and ePassport in Nepal?

  • For obtaining National Identity Card visit Department of National ID and Civil Registration website.  (
  • For MRP application please contact Passport Department at Narayanhiti, Kathmandu and Passport Department at Tripureshwor, Kathmandu for e-Passport application.

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