Ncell launches data packs at affordable rates 2020

Ncell Voice Data Packages

Ncell, on the occasion of New Year 2020, has launched its New Year offer, enabling all pre-paid and post-paid customers to activate and enjoy 50 per cent discount on existing 16GB and 6GB monthly data packs. This offer is coming into effect from Wednesday (January 1) and will remain in place for 24 hours, as per a press statement.

This means this offer will come into effect from 12:00 am on Wednesday and customers can activate any of the two monthly data packs at discounted rates until 23:59pm of Wednesday.

Under this offer, Ncell customers can buy 16GB monthly data pack at just Rs 510.12 (including government taxes), down from actual existing price of Rs 1,020.24 (including taxes).

Likewise, under the same offer, customers can buy 6GB (3GB + 3GB 4G) monthly data pack at just Rs 226.65 (including taxes). The existing cost of this data pack stands at Rs 453.30 (including taxes).

Current Data Packs for 4G/3G/2G (Updated on : 8 Jan 2020)

Packages and Prices

With Ncell Internet, you can enjoy range of services with which you can get access to the various services in better price. Enjoy all these services with the widest 4G network.

Dial *17123# to buy data packs!

Get More on 4G Offer

Validity Price excluding
taxes (Rs.)
Price including
gov. taxes (Rs.)
All time
Night time
Total Volume
1 day 9            11.49  35MB  35MB 35MB 105 MB
1 day 15            19.15 75MB 75MB 75MB 225 MB
3 day 29            37.03  120MB  120MB  120MB 360 MB
3 day 35            44.69 200MB 200MB 200MB 600 MB
7 day 69            88.11  300MB  300MB  300MB 900 MB
7 day 75            95.77 500MB 500MB 500MB 1500 MB
30 day 269         343.49  1300MB  1300MB  1300MB 3900 MB
30 day 355         453.30 3GB 3GB 3GB 9GB

For 30 days packs, once the purchased volume is consumed you can browse internet at just Rs.1 per MB (exclusive of taxes) until validity of the packs. For other packs, standard PayG rate of Rs. 2 per MB (excl. taxes) will apply once the purchased volume is consumed. It is always recommended to surf Internet by buying Internet Pack by dialing *17123# as you get the best rates.

Data Pack with Video Offer

Validity Price excluding
taxes (Rs.)
Price including
government taxes (Rs.)
Volume –
All time
Video –
Volume –
Night time
Total Volume
1 day 39            49.80 0.75GB 1 day 0.75GB 1.5GB
3 day 99         126.41 2GB 3 days 2GB 4GB
7 day 199         254.10 4GB 7days 4GB 8GB
30 day 799      1,020.24 16GB 30 days 16GB 32GB
  • Video data can be used to enjoy YouTube, iflix, all Ncell video portals and other Google services like Google Play, Maps, etc.
  • Once the purchased volume is consumed you can browse internet at just Rs.1 per MB (exclusive of taxes) until validity of the packs.

Note: The 4G only data can be used with a 4G supported SIM and handset and while in 4G coverage.
(Government taxes include: – 13% TSC and 13% VAT)

Data Pack for Ncell Connect

With Ncell Connect, enjoy Ncell 3G, the fastest internet in Nepal in your desktop or laptop computer or tablet anywhere with the following packages.

Volume Rate (Rs.) (excl. taxes) Govt. Taxes (Rs.) Total Price (Rs.)
500MB 399 110.48 509.48
1000MB 699 193.55 892.55
5000MB 1999 553.52 2552.52

To buy through SMS type “Volume” and send to 9009.
For eg: to buy 5000MB type 5000MB and send to 9009
To send SMS, go to the text menu in your Ncell Connect software.
To know the status of the pack type ‘status’ and send SMS to 9009.

Please note: GPRS session pulse in 10KB.

Mero Plan

Perfect plan for my YouTube craze!

Monthly plan with data pack of your need, free YouTube data and lower call rates. What’s more? The data service will stop once the data in your pack is over so you don’t use up your main balance.
Dial *302# to choose the plan that suits you the best.

Pack price (per month) Pack prices (per month including tax) Available Data Free YouTube Total Volume Ncell to Ncell call rates (per minute) Ncell to Ncell call rates (per minute including taxes)
Rs. 199 Rs 254.10 1 GB 1 GB 2 GB Re. 1 Rs 1.28
Rs. 299 Rs 381.79 3 GB 3 GB 6 GB Rs. 0.90 Rs 1.15
Rs. 499 Rs 637.17 6 GB 6 GB 12 GB Rs. 0.80 Rs 1.02
Rs. 799 Rs 1020.24 15 GB 15 GB 30 GB Rs. 0.70 Rs 0.89
Rs. 999 Rs 1275.62 25 GB 25 GB 50 GB Rs. 0.50 Rs 0.64

All packs are valid for 30 days.

What if I consume the data before 30 days and want to purchase another pack until the next month starts?

Data packs valid for 7 days exclusive to each plan are available at best rates as mentioned below:

  • 1GB at Rs. 70 (Rs. 89.38 including taxes) for Plan 199
  • 2GB at Rs. 100 (Rs. 127.69 including taxes) for Plan 299
  • 3GB at Rs. 150 (Rs. 191.54 including taxes) for Plan 499
  • 7GB at Rs. 300 (Rs. 383.07 including taxes) for Plan 799
  • 10GB at Rs. 400 (Rs. 510.76 including taxes) for Plan 999

Dial *17123# for additional data packs.

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