Govt. unveils Rs 1.86 Trillion annual budget for Fiscal Year 2024/25

Nepal Annual Budget Full Report 2024

The government has announced the budget of Rs 1.86 trillion for the upcoming fiscal year 2024/025. Minister for Finance Barshaman Pun unveiled the budget in a joint meeting of the federal parliament this afternoon.

As announced, Rs 1140.66 billion (61.31 percent) has been allocated towards current expenditure while Rs 352.35 billion (18.94 percent) towards capital expenditure.Similarly, Rs 367.28 billion has been allocated for fiscal management title.

The size of the upcoming fiscal year’s budget is 6.2 percent more than the current fiscal year while it is 21.56 percent more than the revised estimation of the budget of the current fiscal year.In the total allocation, Rs 408.87 billion has been allocated for fiscal transfer to the province and local levels.

The major sources of the budget estimation for the upcoming fiscal year include Rs 1260.3 billion from revenue collection and Rs 52.33 billion from foreign aid and Rs 217.67 billion from foreign loan assistance.Likewise, Rs 330 billion would be collected from the internal loan.

Here is the full text of the budget for the upcoming financial year 2081/82:

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