Nepal Telecom launches National ICT Day Offer

Nepal Telecom ICT Day Offer

Nepal Telecom is going to provide another offer on the occasion of the 4th National Information and Communication Technology Day 2079 BS which is being celebrated on 19th Baisakh.

For the company’s customers, Nepal Telecom will provide combo pack with unlimited data and voice, data pack and bonus on recharge. The offer will be available from Baishakh 18 to Baishakh 24, the telco said.

Under the offer, a 6 GB data pack that can be used for 3 days costs a total of Rs. 98 can be purchased.

Similarly, 1 Mbps unlimited data that can be used up to 24 hours and on-net unlimited talktime will be provided at a cost of Rs 49.

The offer can be purchased by dialing * 1415 * 11 # or using ‘Nepal Telecom App’.

In addition, the company will also provide free data on recharge through MPOS.

The company expects customers to benefit from this offer and become more IT friendly.

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