Nepal Telecom 2075 – Latest Data and Voice Pack Offers

Nepal Telecom has announced spring offer packages for its different services that will be effective from Baisakh 1, 2076 for 90 days.

Nepal Telcom has brought the Spring Offer packages at affordables rates. Various packs on offer such as weekend pack, night time unlimited data pack, GSM 3G/4G 1GB per day pack, CUG package, video and TV streaming hourly pack, different packages of ADSL are provided on attractive pricing package.

Similarly, NT has also provided new rates on all time voice pack, night time voice pack, SMS pack, missed call alert and FTTH . The company will be providing 25 to 50 percent bonus in different packages.

Customer can dial *1415# to get winter offer and get detail information through official website of NT.

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GSM users can subscribe various offers by dialing *1415# or by sending SMS to 1415 with appropriate subscription code as listed below. However, CDMA users need to send SMS to 1415 with appropriate subscription code for package subscription. The details of the various offer are given below.

All tariffs are inclusive of all government taxes.All these offers are valid from 30thChaitra 2075 for next 90 days till 27thAshar 2076. 

A. Day Data Pack

Price(NRs.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
9 55MB 24 Hrs TypeDATA55MBand Send SMS to 1415

B. 1GB Per Day Data Pack

This ALL-TIME pack is valid for all GSM &CDMA (Postpaid/ Prepaid)customers. User can subscribe this pack at any day of the week.

Price(NRs.) Data Validity Subscription Code
45 1GB 1 Day Type ……1D1G…….. and Send SMS to 1415
250 7GB 7 Days Type ……7D7G…….. and Send SMS to 1415
850 28GB 28 Days Type ………28D28G….. and Send SMS to 1415

C. Unlimited 1Hour Pack

Description Price(NRs.) Validity Subscription Code
UNLIMITED (VOICE, SMS & DATA) 20 1 Hour after Pack activation + 10 minute extra time Bonus Type FDPACK and Send SMS to 1415

Note: Voice and SMS inside NT-NT network only. Single subscription allowed at a time.

D. All Time Data Pack

This ALL-TIME pack is valid for GSM &CDMA (Postpaid/ Prepaid) customers.

Price(NRs.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
12 28 1 Days Type Data28MB and Send SMS to 1415
25 100 1 Days Type Eco100MB and Send SMS to 1415
30 90 3 Days Type Data90MB and Send SMS to 1415
60 190 7 Days Type Data190MB and Send SMS to 1415
100 500 7 Days Type Eco500MB and Send SMS to 1415
240 1500 28 Days Type Data1500MB and Send SMS to 1415
500 4500 28 Days Type Data4500MB and Send SMS to 1415
990 12288 42 days Type Data12GB and Send SMS to 1415

E. Night Data Pack

This Night -TIME DataPack is valid for GSM/CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid)customers..This pack can be used from 11:00 PM to 6:00AM.

Price(NRs.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
9 125 1Night Type Night125MB and Send SMS to 1415
45 630 7 Days Type Night630MB and Send SMS to 1415

F. Unlimited Night Data Pack

This UNLIMITED NIGHT DATA pack is valid for GSM/CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid)customers. The pack can be used from 11PM- 6AM.  Users can enjoy full speed up to 1 GB per night and after 1 GB throttled at 256 kbps unlimited.

Description Price(NRs.) Pack Validity Subscription Code
Daily Unlimited 15 1 Night Type NUNL and Send SMS to 1415
Weekly Unlimited 85 7 Nights Type UNL7 and Send SMS to 1415

G. Social Media Pack

Thispack is applicable for All Time Use and is valid forGSM/CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid)customers. This pack can be used on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitterapplication. Users are recommended to use the official Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp and Twitter Android/IOS application while using this data pack.

Price(NRs.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
6 36 1 Days Type FB36MB and send SMS to 1415
30 150 3Days Type FB150MB and send SMS to 1415
60 325 7 Days Type FB325MB and send SMS to 1415

H. Streaming Data Pack

This pack is applicable for All Time use and is valid for GSM/CDMA(Prepaid and Postpaid)customers. With this data pack Nepal Telecom customers can view YouTube Videos and Live TV Streaming from the WOWTIME APP. 

Price(NRs.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
12 150 1 Day Type YT150MB and send SMS to 1415
30 400 3 Days Type YT400MBand send SMS to 1415
60 900 7Days Type YT900MBand send SMS to 1415


I. Day Voice Pack

This Day TIME VOICE PACK is applicable for both GSM/CDMA (Prepaid and Postpaid) customers. The offer can be used between 5AM to 5PM. 

Price(NRs.) Voice (Minutes) Validity Subscription Code
9 90min 24 Hrs Type VOICE90 and Send SMS to 1415

J. All Time Voice Pack

This ALL TIME VOICE PACK is applicable for both GSM/CDMA (Prepaid and Postpaid) customers.

Price(NRs.) Voice (Minutes) Validity Subscription Code
12 14 1 Day Type VOICE14 and Send SMS to 1415
25 40 1 Day Type ECOVOICE40 and Send SMS to 1415
30 40 3 Days Type VOICE40 and Send SMS to 1415
60 75 7 Days Type VOICE75  and Send SMS to 1415
100 190 7 Days Type VOICE190 and Send SMS to 1415
240 490 28 Days Type VOICE490 and Send SMS to 1415
500 1100 42 Days Type VOICE1100 and Send SMS to 1415

K. Unlimited Night Voice Pack (10PM-6AM)

This Unlimited Night Voice Pack is applicable for all GSM/CDMA (Prepaid and Postpaid) customers. This Pack can be used between 10:00PM to 6:00AM.

Price(NRs.) Voice (Minutes) Validity Subscription Code
12 Unlimited 1 Night Type NVUNL and send SMS to 1415

L. Night Voice Pack (10PM-6AM)

This Night Voice Pack is applicable for all GSM/CDMA(Prepaid and Postpaid)customers. This Pack can be used between 10:00PM to 6:00AM.

Price(NRs.) Voice (Minutes) Validity Subscription Code
9 60 1 Night Type NV60 and send SMS to 1415
15 170 3 Nights Type NV170 and send SMS to 1415
30 340 7 Nights Type NV340 and send SMS to 1415

M. India Call Offer

Description Price (NRs.) Voice Minutes Subscription Code
Daily Pack 35 15 Type DINDIA & Send SMS to 1415
Weekly Pack 150 65 Type WINDIA & Send SMS to 1415
Monthly Pack 500 215 Type MINDIA & Send SMS to 1415


Price(NRs.) SMS quota Validity Subscription Code
5 20 1 Day Type SMS20 and Send SMS to 1415
15 70 7 Days Type SMS70 and Send SMS to 1415
60 300 28 Days Type SMS300 and Send SMS to 1415


Get on-net free voice call service upon the subscription of NT FTTH.

I. FTTH Individual User Package

Note: FUP Applicable for Individual Package

Validity  8Mbps 18Mbps 35Mbps 55Mbps
1 Month NRs. 800   —
3 Months NRs. 2300 NRs. 4600 NRs. 5700 NRs. 6300
6 Months NRs. 4300 NRs. 8000 NRs. 9200 NRs. 10300
12 Months NRs. 8000 NRs. 13800 NRs. 16000 NRs. 18400

II. FTTH Corporate User Package

Get on-net free voice call service upon the subscription of NT FTTH.

Validity  10Mbps 20Mbps
3 Months NRs. 10300 NRs. 19500
6 Months NRs. 18400 NRs. 36800
12 Months NRs. 34500 NRs. 69000


I. ADSL Volume Based

Data Volume Price(NRs.) Speed Validity
15 GB 200 Up to 5 Mbps 30 Days
25 GB 300 Up to 5 Mbps
40 GB 400 Up to 5 Mbps

II. ADSL Unlimited

Package Speed Upto Price(NRs.) Validity
1 Month Unlimited 5Mbps 800 30 Days
6 Months Unlimited  5Mbps 4300 180 Days
12 Months Unlimited 5Mbps 8000 360 Days

CUG Offer

Unlimited Call between CUG Members
In addition to unlimited CUG call between members following additional VOICE, DATA and SMS are included in the package. Inside one CUG group members can subscribe to any one of the following packages. Minimum of 10 members are needed to subscribe to the CUG offer.

Price (NRs.) VoiceMinutes (NT-NT) Data MB Free SMS(NT-NT)
200(Only for Prepaid) 65 125 25
400 150 300 50
700 300 800 100
1000 450 1500 150
1300 600 2100 200
1600 750 2700 250

MCA Offer

Get notification of all the calls that you miss when you are busy, phone is switch off, and network not available. Please Dial *1400#to subscribe/unsubscribe the service. To avoid the user discomfort for regular subscription at the end of the month, now users can also subscribe self-renewal option through *1400#.

Description Price Validity Subscription Code
MCA Service Rs. 6 30 Days Type SUB MCA & Send SMS to 1400.

Student Offer

Under STUDENT OFFER, students will get FREE SIM, Monthly Bonus till 6 months and BONUS ON RECHARGE till one year.

Benefits Data Voice SMS Validity Remarks
Free SIM 60MB 40 Min 20 30 Days Included on SIM
Monthly Bonus 60MB 40Min 20 7 Days For 6 Months
Bonus on Recharge 50MB 10Min 3 Days For 1 Year

Note: Voice and SMS can be used within NT network only.Bonus on every recharge worth NRs. 50 and above.

Updated On : 2019-04-12


In order to use this offer, Nepal Telecom users first need to  download the WOWTIME APP from Android Playstore or IOS Appstore from which users can view LIVE TV and other premium contents. The subscription charge mentioned below is for the premium contents and pay channels only. The streaming can be made using WiFi or the Streaming Pack (See description below) provided by Nepal Telecom.
Andriod Link:

IOS Link:

For more detail visit:

TV Package Price (NRs. ) Validity
1. Daily Pack 9 24 hours
2. Weekly Pack 44 7 Days
3. Monthly Pack 99 30 Days

Updated On : 2019-01-15

Nepal Telecom Voice Data Packs Discount Offers
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