Nepal Telecom 2075 – Latest Data and Voice Pack Offers

Nepal Telecom has announced monsoon offer packages for its different services that will be effective from July 17. Though the government hiked the tax on telecom service charge (TSC), NT will be offering its popular services on post budget rates while the company has made price inclusion on other services for customers’ convenience.

The government hiked TSC on voice services increasing by 11 percent to 13 percent and 13 percent on data services. The government will be implementing the increased rate from July 17. Previously, customers were not charged for TSC for using data services.

Meanwhile, NT will be implementing the post budget rates on its popular offerings such as weekend pack, night time unlimited data pack, GSM 3G/4G 1GB per day pack, CUG package, video and TV streaming hourly pack, different packages of ADSL, daily and weekly pack under India offer.

Similarly, NT has made price inclusion in all time voice pack, night time voice pack, SMS pack, missed call alert and FTTH including other packages according to the government provision to charge under TSC. The company will be providing 25 to 50 percent bonus in different packages.

Customer can dial *1415# to get monsoon offer and get detail information through official website of NT.

Nepal Telecom 2074 – 100 Years of Service


Valid for GSM/CDMA Postpaid & Prepaid users

Unlimited Offer
60Min Voice @ Rs. 6
36MB [email protected] Rs. 6

1. Unlimited Offer

Under this offer customers can use Unlimited Voice and Unlimited SMS inside NT Network. Additionally, customers will also get 2GB Data Per Day (1GB during 6AM-10PM& 1GB during 10PM – 6AM). This offer is valid from 2075/06/24 to 2075/07/07.

Customers subscribing any of these packages will also get FREE SUBSCRIPTION to WOWTIME (WOWTIME APP) and Music Streaming Service(Music Nepal APP)

Price(NRs.) Voice SMS Data Validity Subscription Code
300 Unlimited Unlimited 2GB/Day 7 Days Type DUNL7 & Send SMS to 1415
600 Unlimited Unlimited 2GB/Day 15 Days Type DUNL15 & Send SMS to 1415

Note: after 2GB, fallback speed 256 kbps will be applicable

2. One Hour Voice Pack

Customers can enjoy 60 min of voice call inside NT network at just Rs. 6. Package can be used during 6AM to 6PM and thisoffer is effective from 2075/06/24 to 2075/07/07.Package is valid for continuous 60 minutes after activation.

Price(NRs.) Minutes Time Band Subscription Code
6 60 6AM – 6PM Type VOICE60 & Send SMS to 1415


3. Small Data Pack

Customers can enjoy 36MB of Data at just Rs. 6. Package can be used from 6AM to 6PM. Package validity is 1 day and this offer is valid from 2075/06/24 to 2075/07/07.

Price(NRs.) Data Time Band Subscription Code
6 36MB 6AM – 6PM Type DATA36MB & Send SMS to 1415


4. Bonus on Recharge

Bonus on Recharge offer isvalid from 2075/06/29 to 2075/07/04.

Type Amount Bonus amount Bonus Validity
Recharge Card/ERC 100 and 200 10% 3 Days
Recharge Card/ERC 500 and 1000 15% 5 Days
MPoS All amount 15% 5 Days



Users of ADSL , FTTH & WiMAX service whose subscription expires during 2075/06/30 – 2075/07/06 can enjoy the service till 2075/07/07.

Note: Above prices for packages are all inclusive of government taxes.

Updated On : 2018-10-10



MONSOON Offer 2018

GSM users can subscribe various offers by dialing *1415# or by sending SMS to 1415 with appropriate subscription code as listed below. However, CDMA users need to send SMS to 1415 with appropriate subscription code for package subscription. The details of the various offer are given below.

All tariffs are inclusive of all government taxes.All these offersare valid from 1st Shrawan 2075 for next 90 days. 


This ALL-TIME pack is valid for all GSM & CDMA (Postpaid/ Prepaid)customers. User can subscribe this pack at any day of the week but this is effective only on FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY(Weekend).

Description Data Price(NRs.) Validity Validity Subscription Code
Weekend Pack 3GB (1 GB per day) 100 Valid for all time during Friday, Saturday & Sunday (Weekend) 7 Days Type WEEKENDand Send SMS to 1415



Description Price(NRs.) Validity Subscription Code
UNLIMITED (VOICE, SMS & DATA) 18 1 Hour After Activation Type FDPACK and Send SMS to 1415

Note: Voice and SMS inside NT-NT network only. 



This ALL-TIME pack is valid for GSM & CDMA (Postpaid/ Prepaid) customers. Users will get 50% more datain this offer.

Price(NRs.) Data (MB) Bonus (MB) Total (MB) Validity Subscription Code
10 15 8 23 1 Days Type Data15MB and Send SMS to1415
25 50 25 75 7 Days Type Data50MB and Send SMS to1415
50 105 53 158 28 Days Type Data105MB and Send SMS to1415
100 340 170 510 28 Days Type Data340MB and Send SMS to1415
200 725 363 1088 28 Days Type Data725MB and Send SMS to1415
300 1275 638 1913 28 Days Type Data1275MB and Send SMS to1415
500 3000 1500 4500 28 Days Type Data3000MB and Send SMS to1415



This Night-TIME DataPack is valid for GSM/CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid)customers. Users will get 50% more datain this offer. This pack can be used from 10:00 PM to 6:00AM.

Price(NRs.) Data (MB) Bonus (MB) Total (MB) Validity Subscription Code
5 45 23 68 1 Days Type Night45MB and Send SMS to1415
45 425 213 638 7 Days Type Night425MB and Send SMS to1415
300 5120 2560 7680 28 Days Type Night5120MB and Send SMS to1415


This UNLIMITED NIGHT DATA pack is valid for GSM/CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid)customers. The pack can be used from 10PM- 6AM. Users can enjoy full speed up to 1 GB per night and after 1 GB throttled at 256 kbps unlimited.

Description Price(NRs.) Pack Validity Subscription Code
Daily Unlimited 15 1 Night Type NUNL and Send SMS to 1415
Weekly Unlimited 85 7 Nights Type UNL7 and Send SMS to 1415
Monthly Unlimited 240 28 Nights Type UNL28 and Send SMS to 1415

F. SOCIAL MEDIA PACK (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Twitter)


Thispack is applicable for All Time Use and is valid forGSM/CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid)customers. This pack can be used on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter application. Users are recommended to use the official Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp and Twitter Android/IOS application while using this data pack.

Price(NRs.) Data (MB) Bonus (MB) Total (MB) Validity Subscription Code
5 20 10 30 1 Days Type FB20MB and send SMS to1415
25 90 45 135 7 Days Type FB90MB and send SMS to1415
100 450 225 675 28 Days Type FB450MB and send SMS to1415
200 1000 500 1500 28 Days Type FB1000MB and send SMS to1415


GET up to 50% BONUS DATA

This pack is applicable forAll Time use and is valid for GSM/CDMA(Prepaid and Postpaid)customers. With this data pack Nepal Telecom customers can view YouTube Videos and Live TV Streaming from the WOWTIME APP.

Price(NRs.) Data (MB) Bonus (MB) Total (MB) Validity Subscription Code
10 100 50 150 1 Day Type YT100MB and send SMS to 1415
45 400 200 600 7 Days Type YT400MB and send SMS to1415
115 1300 600 1800 28 Days Type YT1300MB and send SMS to1415


Currently this offer can be enjoyed in WOWTIME Application which is readily available in Android/iOS. In future, more and more application will be added.

With this pack, once user subscribes to any one of the following packages, users will automatically get the subscription and data volume which can be used to view LIVE TV using WOWTIME application. This offer is valid from 1st Shrawan2075 for next 90 days.

Price (NRs.) Duration (Approx.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
20 1 Hr 400 24 Hrs Type WOW400 and send SMS to 1415
35 2 Hrs 800 24 Hrs Type WOW800 and send SMS to 1415
50 3 Hrs 1200 24 Hrs Type WOW1200 and send SMS to 1415

I. 4G DATA PACK (GSM 4G Users)

(Dial *444# for 4G/LTE Activation)

This package is applicable for 4G/LTE users currently in Kathmandu valley and Pokhara only. Users can enjoy the speed of 4G/LTE network at the lowest cost ever. To enjoy this offer, Nepal Telecom 4G users are recommended to remain on the 4G Network. Users need to ensure that their handset supports 4G/LTE Network and are under 4G service coverage area.

Price (NRs.) Data (MB) Bonus (MB) Total (MB) Validity Subscription Code
12 25 13 38 1Day Type 4G25MB and Send SMS to 1415
50 170 85 255 7 Days Type 4G170MB and Send SMS to 1415
100 400 200 600 28 Days Type 4G400MB and Send SMS to 1415
200 1024 512 1536 28 Days Type 4G1024MB and Send SMS to 1415
300 1741 871 2612 28 Days Type 4G1741MB and Send SMS to 1415
500 3072 1536 4608 28 Days Type 4G3072MB and Send SMS to 1415

J. GSM 3G/4G Data(1GB Per Day Pack)

This pack is applicable forAll Time Use and is valid for GSM(Prepaid and Postpaid)customers only. Using this pack, users can enjoy 1GB data per day and will get 20 minutes of streaming data as a bonus.

YouTube Videos and Live TV from the WOWTIME APPcan be watched using bonus streaming data.

Price (NRs.) Data(GB) Bonus Validity Subscription Code
45 1GB 20 Minutes of streaming per day 1Day Type 1D1G and Send SMS to1415
250 7GB 20 Minutes of streaming per day 7 Days Type 7D7G and Send SMS to1415
850 28GB 20 Minutes of Streaming per day 28Days Type 28D28G and Send SMS to1415


This ALL TIME VOICE PACK is applicable for both GSM/CDMA (Prepaid and Postpaid) customers.

Price(NRs.) Voice (Minutes) Validity Subscription Code
10 11 1 Day Type VOICE11 and Send SMS to1415
25 30 3 Days Type VOICE30 and Send SMS to1415
50 75 5 Days Type VOICE75 and Send SMS to1415
100 190 10 Days Type VOICE190 and Send SMS to1415
200 400 28 Days Type VOICE400 and Send SMS to1415
550 1160 60 Days Type VOICE1160 and Send SMS to1415


This Unlimited Night Voice Pack is applicable for all GSM/CDMA (Prepaid and Postpaid) customers. This Pack can be used between 10:00PM to 6:00AM.

Price(NRs.) Voice (Minutes) Validity Subscription Code
12 Unlimited 1 Night Type NVUNL and send SMS to 1415


This Night Voice Pack is applicable for all GSM/CDMA(Prepaid and Postpaid)customers. This Pack can be used between 10:00PM to 6:00AM.

Price(NRs.) Voice (Minutes) Validity Subscription Code
5 30 1 Day Type NV30 and send SMS to 1415
25 240 7 Days Type NV240 and send SMS to 1415
100 1100 28 Days Type NV1100 and send SMS to 1415


This offer is valid from 1st Shrawan2075 for next 90 days.

Description Price (NRs.) Voice Minutes Subscription Code
DailyPack 35 15 Type DINDA & Send SMS to 1415
Weekly Pack 150 65 Type WINDA & Send SMS to 1415
Monthly Pack 500 215 Type MINDA & Send SMS to 1415


This offer is valid from 1st Shrawan2075 for next 90 days.

Price(NRs.) SMS quota Validity Subscription Code
5 20 1 Day Type SMS20 and Send SMS to 1415
15 70 7 Days Type SMS70 and Send SMS to 1415
60 300 28 Days Type SMS300 and Send SMS to 1415


1. FTTH Individual User Package

Validity 8Mbps 18Mbps 35Mbps 55Mbps
1 Month NRs. 800
3 Months NRs. 2300 NRs. 4600 NRs. 5700 NRs. 6300
6 Months NRs. 4300 NRs. 8000 NRs. 9200 NRs. 10300
12 Months NRs. 8000 NRs. 13800 NRs. 16000 NRs. 18400

2. FTTH Corporate User Package

Validity 10Mbps 20Mbps
3 Months NRs. 10300 NRs. 19500
6 Months NRs. 18400 NRs. 36800
12 Months NRs. 34500 NRs. 69000


Data Volume Price(NRs.) Speed Validity
15 GB 200 Up to 5 Mbps 30 Days
25 GB 300 Up to 5 Mbps
40 GB 400 Up to 5 Mbps


Package Speed Upto Price(NRs.) Validity
1 Month Unlimited 5Mbps 800 1 Month
6 Months Unlimited 5Mbps 4300 6 Months
12 Months Unlimited 5Mbps 8000 1 Year


Unlimited Call between CUG Members

In addition to unlimited CUG call between members following additional VOICE, DATA and SMS are included in the package. Inside one CUG group members can subscribe to any one of the following packages. Minimum of 10 members are needed to subscribe to the CUG offer.

Price (NRs.) VoiceMinutes (NT-NT) Data MB Free SMS(NT-NT)
200(Only for Prepaid) 65 125 25
400 150 300 50
700 300 800 100
1000 450 1500 150
1300 600 2100 200
1600 750 2700 250


Get notification of all the calls that you miss when you are busy, phone is switch off, and network not available. Please dial *1400# to subscribe/unsubscribe the service.

Description Price Validity Subscription Code
MCA Service Rs. 6 1 Month Type SUB MCA& Send SMS to 1400


Under STUDENT OFFER, you will get FREE SIM, Monthly Bonus till 6 months and BONUS ON RECHARGE till one year.

What You will get? Data Voice SMS Validity Remarks
Free SIM 60MB 40 Min 20 30 Days Included on SIM
Monthly Bonus 60MB 40Min 20 7 Days For 6 Months
Bonus on Recharge 50MB 10Min 3 Days For 1 Year

Note: Voice and SMS can be used within NT network only. BONUS on every recharge worth NRs. 50 and above.

Updated On : 2018-07-17



In order to use this offer, Nepal Telecom users first need to  download the WOWTIME APP from Android Playstore or IOS Appstore from which users can view LIVE TV and other premium contents. The subscription charge mentioned below is for the premium contents and pay channels only. The streaming can be made using WiFi or the Streaming Pack (See description below) provided by Nepal Telecom.
Andriod Link: https://goo.gl/7vPpBh

IOS Link: https://goo.gl/Nf3PPq

For more detail visit: https://wowtime.net/

TV Package Price (NRs. ) Validity
Daily Pack 1 9 1 Day
Weekly Pack 2 44 7 Days
Monthly Pack 3 99 30 Days

Updated On : 2018-06-22
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