Nepali Tea Crowned ‘Grand Champion’ at World Tea Expo 2024

World Tea Expo 2024

In a remarkable achievement that underscores the quality and craftsmanship of Nepali tea, a Nepali tea company has emerged as the grand champion at the prestigious World Tea Expo 2024 held in Las Vegas, United States.

The coveted “Grand Champion” award was bestowed upon Siddhadevi Tea Estate Private Limited, a tea producer hailing from Ilam, Nepal.

This victory comes at a time when India has been raising concerns about the quality of Nepali tea, further solidifying Nepal’s position as a producer of world-class tea.

“The Beverage Challenge showcases the diversity, innovation in flavor, and artistry of tea,” said Tim McLucas, Vice President of the American Bar and Restaurant Association.

“I commend each of the participants for their outstanding products displayed in this exciting competition. Congratulations to the esteemed award winners.”

Siddhadevi Tea Estate not only clinched the top “Grand Champion” honor but also won accolades in the “Best Liquor,” “Best White Tea,” and “Unique Production” categories. The company, located on the border of Panchthar and Ilam districts, is known for its production of green tea, black tea, and white tea.

“This is a proud moment for Nepal and a testament to the exceptional quality of our tea,” said a spokesperson for Siddhadevi Tea Estate. “We are honored to have represented Nepal on the global stage and to have our hard work and dedication recognized by the industry’s leading experts.”

Nepali Tea Grand Champion

The World Tea Expo is considered the largest gathering of tea industry professionals worldwide. During the event, samples are meticulously evaluated by accredited laboratories and experienced tea tasters, who assess factors such as leaf style, make, cup character, liquor presence, and overall finish.

This remarkable achievement by a Nepali tea producer serves as a powerful rebuttal to the claims made by India regarding the quality of Nepali tea. It also underscores the growing reputation and global recognition of Nepali tea, which is poised to further cement its position in the international market.

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