Oben Rorr Electric Bike with an ideal 200 km riding range launching in Nepal soon

Oben Roar Electric Bike Price in Nepal

Oben Electric, a Bangalore-based startup company in India, has unveiled a new electric motorcycle. The company has unveiled an electric motorcycle called Oben Rorr.

Oben Electric has stated that the motorcycle will be made public in the Nepali market soon.

E-moto company under the Golcha Group, which is investing in brands like Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, has started selling electric two-wheelers.

By the next month, E-moto is going to bring the powerful and sporty motorcycle of Oben brand manufactured in India to Nepal.

The electric bike, which is designed with futuristic design, will be very affordable in terms of price. The first phase of Oben Rorr has started selling in India.

The Oben Rorr electric motorcycle has a 4.4 kW battery pack. Using battery cooling technology (MHX), the motorcycle will deliver 13.41 bhp of max power and 62 Nm of torque.

The company claims that the electric motorcycle will provide a range of 150 km on a full charge. The battery can be fully charged in 2 hours by charging from the 15 AMP inlet.

With a top speed of 100 kmph, this motorcycle can reach speeds of 0-40 in just 3 seconds.

The front of the Oben Rorr has telescopic suspension and rear mono-shock suspension, while the braking setup has disc brakes on both front and rear.

Oben Rorr Electric Bike Price in Nepal

Ground clearance of 230 mm can be found in the Oben Rorr electric motorcycle. This motorcycle has modern features like round shape LED Headlamp, Integrated Round LED DRL, Split Seat, Split Gravel, Alloy Wheel, LED Instrument Console as well as connectivity features. The company has provided three riding modes on the Oben Rorr.

Although the company has stated that the Oben Rorr electric motorcycle will be available in the Nepali market soon, no details have been given about its Nepali market price.

Oben Rorr

The company has launched the ‘Oben Rorr’ electric motorcycle in India with an ex-showroom price of Rs 99,000. The company has stated that it will provide warranty on its battery and electric motor.

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