ORA Good Cat EV Launched in Nepal in 3 different variants offering max range of 501 km

ORA Good Cat EV Nepal

China has produced yet another electric vehicle. Great Wall Motors has dubbed it the ORA Good Cat.

VG Impex, the authorized distributor of Great Wall Motors automobiles in Nepal has imported Ora sub-brand of the company which produces electric vehicles.

Great Wall’s Taizhou assembly plant is home to the ORA brand, which specializes in electric car production. Compact and inviting in style, the Good Cat appears to have been inspired by European automobiles like the VW Beetle, Porche 911 and Fiat 500.

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Ora Good Cat Wheelbase Skeleton

The Good Cat’s wheelbase measures 2,650 millimeters (104.3 inches), its width measures 1,825 millimeters (71.8 millimeters), and its height measures 1,596 millimeters (62.8 millimeters). It is based on GWM’s smart E Lemon modular platform.

There is no grille on the Great Wall’s Good Cat because it is an electric vehicle, but it does include round headlights and a little grille at the bottom of its bumper. Additionally, the EV comes equipped with a set of retro-inspired five-spoke wheels and a white roof on the one shown.

ORA Good Cat EV

Rather than typical taillights, the Good Cat has a lightbar integrated into the rear windshield and two thin horizontal light/reflectors on the bumper. Additional lights can be seen near the bumper and on top, as well as an auxiliary brake light.

There is a large digital display in front of the driver and a secondary screen for the infotainment system in the interior, which makes it look to be quite luxurious. Two-spoke steering wheel and attractive blue and white motif with soft-touch leather are also available.

Ora Good Cat EV Mileage

The ORA’s power source comes from a single electric motor on the front axle of the Good Cat that generates 143 PS of maximum power output and provides 210 Nm of torque. NEDC range is 311 miles (501 kilometers) and the car will be available in 3 variants with two different battery pack configurations.

In keeping with the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) standard, the smaller 47.8 kWh battery can operate for up to 400 kilometers, while the larger 63.1 kWh battery can run for as long as 500 kilometers, according to the company.

ORA Good Cat EV price in nepal

Automatic climate control with a PM2.5 air filter and two airbags are all standard equipment on the Ora Good Cat, which also has 18-inch alloy wheels and a huge integrated display with a 360-degree camera. Passive safety systems and rear parking sensors are also available.

Ora Good Cat Electric Car Price in Nepal

ORA Good Cat EV Specifications:

Engine Displacement E-motor
Charging Time fast: 0.5hour (80%)
Num. of Doors/Seats & Body Type 5/5 SUV
Body Size (L*W*H) 4235×1825×1596mm
Wheelbase 2650mm
Max. Speed (km/h) 150
Range 401/501km
Battery Capacity 47.8/59.1kWh (Lithium iron phosphate battery)
Curb Weight (kg) 1510
Trunk / Boot capacity (L) 228
Engine Code
Max. Power 143 PS or 105 kW
Max. Torque 210N.m
Drive wheels – Traction FWD
Front Suspension McPherson struts.
Rear Suspension Torsion beam dependent suspension
Body structure Integral
Front Brakes Vented disc
Rear Brakes Drums/Discs
Front Tyres 205/55 R17 215/50 R18
Rear Tyres 205/55 R17 215/50 R18
Range 401/501km

Ora Good Cat Safety Features

ORA Good Cat EV Price in Nepal

The Ora Good Cat EV will be available in three variants with the base variant price starting at Rs 39.99 Lakh. Similarly, the Ora Goodcat Medium variant costs a little higher at Rs 43.49 Lakh and the top specced variant costs Rs 47.99 Lakh.

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