Sajha Yatayat to roll out 3 electric buses in valley roads by next month

Sajha Yatayat electric bus

Sajha Yatayat plans to bring three electric buses to Nepal in the near future. The Company’s  chairman Kanak Mani Dixit claims that three of the 40 buses being built at CHTC in Nyanjing, China, will reach Nepal within next month(Chaitra). Currently, the buses are being manufactured in the Chinese plant.

More than Rs 15 million worth of these Chinese-built buses will ply on the valley roads soon. In April of last year, Sajha issued an international tender for the procurement of 40 electric buses.

Sajha’s 26-seat electric buses will be accessible to those with disabilities. These buses are capable of carrying more than 42 passengers and traveling more than 200 kilometers once they are fully charged.

In Lalitpur’s Pulchowk, the city’s Public Transportation Department is building a charging station. The usual number of charging stations required to accommodate 40 buses is 20, although just one is being built at this time. According to the firm, 20 chargers in the station can power up to 40 buses. In the near future, construction of additional charging stations will begin.

Sajha Yatayat in the valley will have all 40 electric buses by August of next year. Chargers will be purchased along with the bus and maintained for up to five years, according to the deal.

The company in a packaged deal has to pay around Rs 448.62 million for 40 electric buses and 20 charging stations and Rs 67.36 million for the operation of electric bus, necessary training and 5 years of maintenance and spare parts to the CHTC.

There are 40 electric buses and 20 charging stations needed, as well as  in maintenance and spare parts for the operation of electric buses.

Aside from purchasing new electric vehicles, the company also wants to convert diesel automobiles using the technology. Sajha says it will make all of its buses zero-emission by 2025 if it solely buys electric ones today.

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