Synology Strengthens Home Security with Feature-Packed FC600 and BC800Z Cameras

Synology is stepping up its home security game with the introduction of two new cameras: the FC600 and BC800Z. These versatile cameras cater to diverse needs, offering users more options for securing their properties. Both models seamlessly integrate with Synology’s NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices, allowing you to store surveillance footage locally for enhanced security and privacy – a major benefit for users wary of cloud storage solutions.

FC600: Panoramic Vision for Indoor Spaces:

The FC600 boasts a unique fisheye lens and a 6MP sensor, capturing a comprehensive 180-degree (depending on mounting) or even a full 360-degree panoramic view of your surroundings. This makes it ideal for monitoring large indoor areas like living rooms, hallways, or open-plan spaces. Night isn’t a security blindspot either, thanks to the FC600’s infrared low-light shooting capabilities, ensuring clear visuals even in dimly lit conditions. An intriguing addition is the built-in call function, though specific details on its functionality, such as two-way audio or intercom capabilities, are yet to be revealed by Synology.

BC800Z: Sharp Outdoor Surveillance with 4K Resolution:

The BC800Z takes a detail-oriented approach, equipped with a zoom function and a powerful 8MP sensor capable of capturing high-resolution, 4K video footage. This camera excels in outdoor surveillance, offering sharp visuals that allow for easier identification of details, even at a distance. Built to withstand the elements, the BC800Z boasts impressive weather resistance with IP67 and IP66 ratings. This translates to protection against water, dust, and harsh environments, with a temperature range of -30°C to 60°C. Additionally, the BC800Z meets the IK10 certification for impact resistance, ensuring durability against physical impact, like accidental bumps or attempted tampering.

Security with Choice and Control:

While specific details regarding the launch date and pricing for both cameras remain unknown, the FC600 and BC800Z offer promising features for home security. Their compatibility with Synology’s NAS devices provides users with a compelling local storage solution, putting them in control of their surveillance footage. For homeowners seeking a feature-rich and secure surveillance system with NAS compatibility, these new Synology cameras are certainly worth keeping an eye on for future announcements.

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