Taxi operators in the Valley will increase rates beginning Thursday(Baisakh 1)

Taxi operators in Kathmandu

The Bagmati state government has increased taxi fares. The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Transport Management of Bagmati Pradesh has increased the taxi fare with effect from Baisakh 1.

Taxis in Bagmati Province will raise their fares by up to Rs 3 per kilometer beginning with Nepali New Year 2079, which falls on Thursday.

Cab operators will from now onwards charge Rs 10 for the first 200 meters of travel after receiving approval from the provincial Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Transport Management on Friday. The fare has been set at Rs 20 per km for distances up to five kilometers.

The rate for a distance of 5-10 km has been set at Rs 25 per km, while those for a distance of 10-15 km will be charged Rs 30 per km. For distances of 15-20 km, the fare will be Rs 33 per km, and for distances greater than 20 km, the fare will be Rs 38 per km. Similarly, the passenger will be charged Rs 1.20 per minute for up to 30 minutes of waiting.

Transport executives had been urging the government to raise fares, citing rising petroleum prices as justification. Last week, the government approved fare increases of up to 15% for long-distance public transportation operators.

Similarly, bus operators in Bagmati Province will raise their fares beginning next week. A passenger will have to pay a minimum of Rs 20 in the revised rate, with the charge for distances greater than 20 km set at Rs 38.

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