Top 15 Android Icon Packs for a Fresh Home Screen in 2024

Android’s customization options are one of its greatest strengths, and icon packs offer a simple way to personalize your device. Whether you’re using a budget phone or a top-of-the-line device, these icon packs can refresh your home screen and app drawer. Here’s our selection of the best Android icon packs for 2024:

  1. Minimal O: Embrace the 6,450+ circular aesthetic with Minimal O’s clean and simple icons, perfect for a streamlined look.
  2. Borealis: Enjoy the appeal of square icons with rounded corners. Borealis offers a massive selection, ensuring compatibility with most apps.
  3. Tigad Pro: Stand out with Tigad Pro’s striking 3D icons, ideal for those who prefer a bold and unique style.
  4. Icon Pack Studio: Take control of your icon customization with this creation app, allowing you to import and edit existing packs.
  5. Moonshine: This classic pack boasts sharp edges and vibrant colors, offering a timeless and eye-catching design.
  6. Whicons: Achieve a minimalist look with these simple white icons, ideal for dark or gradient backgrounds.
  7. Ombre: Add a touch of vibrancy to your home screen with Ombre’s deep, saturated colors and over 4,400 icons.
  8. Flat Square: Opt for a flat, Material Design-inspired look with Flat Square’s clean and shadowless icons.
  9. Pix Material You Icons: Embrace Google’s Material You design language with these icons that adapt to your wallpaper.
  10. Outline Icons: Add a touch of neon flair with Outline Icons’ bold and vibrant designs, compatible with various themes and wallpapers.
  11. Zwart: Complement a light theme with this minimalist black icon pack, offering the same extensive collection as its white counterpart, Whicons.
  12. 7-Bit: Channel your inner gamer with this retro-themed pack featuring pixelated, hand-crafted icons.
  13. Minimalist: Go minimal with this unique pack that offers borderless and shapeless icon interpretations.
  14. Flight Lite: Explore a vast selection of single-color icons in a minimalist style, with the option to unlock the full pack for more choices.
  15. Verticons: Break away from traditional shapes with Verticons’ tall rectangular icons and a diverse range of designs.

When choosing an icon pack, consider factors like design consistency, app coverage, and update frequency. Many packs offer free versions or trials, allowing you to test before committing to a purchase. With these options, you can easily refresh your Android device’s look and make it truly your own.

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