Nokia updates all smartphones to Android 9.0 Pie

Nokia Android Pie Updated

HMD Global, a company that markets Nokia phones, knows how to keep their smartphones updated. They promised two years of updates for their cell phones and they are doing it properly. Why? Because at this precise moment all Nokia are running Android 9 Pie , even the Nokia 1!

Without a doubt, this represents a feat for Nokia . Until now, only the Pixel and Essential mobiles could boast a completely updated catalog to Android 9 Pie.

All Nokia mobiles run Android 9.0 Pie

Although the Nokia 1 is a budget smartphone with Android Go and only 1 GB of RAM is also being updated with the latest version of Android. This is a feat for Nokia, since there are more expensive and powerful phones from other companies that have not yet received their Android Pie update (or will).

A total of 22 Nokia phones are running Android 9 Pie at this time , starting with the Nokia 6, 5 and 3 which are at least two years old, up to the most recent 2.2, or 3.2, 4.2 and 1 Plus. As you can see, it is a number that surprises the entire Android universe.

We must wait to see how the pace of updates will continue when Android Q arrives . However, no one can deny that HMD and Nokia are doing something worth admiring with their updates . This should serve as an example for all smartphone manufacturers to make every effort to keep their entire mobile catalog updated.

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