Bike Price in Nepal 2022

Bike Price in Nepal 2022

Bike Price in Nepal 2022

This comprehensive guide to Bike Price in Nepal includes the most up-to-date information available. There is a wide selection of bikes, from entry-level models to those with advanced features, on sale in Nepal right now.

In addition, if you’re in a rush or just want a quick way to research the cost of your preferred bike brand, we’ve compiled the most recent and comprehensive information available on the Bike price in Nepal in 2022.

Ace British Bike Price in Nepal 2022

Ace British logo

Ace British ClassicRs. 5,60,000
Ace British ScramblerRs. 6,10,000

Asian Beast Bike Price in Nepal 2022

Asian Beast logo

In 2010, Asian Beast was launched as an on- and off-road motorbike brand. Asian Automobiles is responsible for bringing their Chinese-made motorcycles to the Nepalese market. Read on to see how much a brand new Asian Beast bike costs in Nepal as of right now.

ASIAN BEAST AB250 V1Rs. 4,90,000
Asian Beast Hyper XRs. 5,55,000
Rs. 6,75,000 (Special Edition)

Bajaj Bike Price in Nepal 2022

Bajaj logo

Bajaj, established in 1930 in Rajasthan, India, is the third-largest maker of two-wheeled vehicles in the world. In addition to being one of the most popular bike manufacturers worldwide, they have also had decades of success in Nepal.

Distribution of Bajaj Automobiles in Nepal is handled by HH Bajaj, a subsidiary of the Golchha Organization. This motorbike company has earned its customers’ trust by consistently delivering excellent maintenance services, financing options, and sales deals. Find the current price of a Bajaj motorcycle in Nepal here.

Bajaj Avenger 160 StreetRs. 3,47,900 (ABS)
Bajaj Avenger 220 CruiseRs. 3,99,900
Bajaj Discover 125Rs. 2,23,900 (Disc)

Rs. 2,00,900 (Drum)

Bajaj Discover 125 STRs. 2,30,900
Bajaj Dominar 250Rs. 5,67,900 (Dual-ABS)
Bajaj Dominar 400Rs. 6,24,900 (Dual-ABS)
Bajaj Platina 100 ESRs. 1,92,900
Bajaj Pulsar 125Rs. 2,46,900
Bajaj Pulsar 150Rs. 2,82,900

Rs. 2,99,900 (TD)

Bajaj Pulsar 220 FRs. 3,94,900 (ABS)
Bajaj Pulsar NS 160Rs. 3,24,900 (ABS)

Rs. 2,99,900 (TD)

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200Rs. 3,29,900 (Non-ABS)
Rs. 3,95,900 (FI-ABS)
Rs. 3,69,900 (ABS)

Benelli Bike Price in Nepal 2022


Established in 1911, Benelli is a household name in the motorcycle industry. With cutting-edge engineering, potent bikes, and sleek designs, it’s been a staple in the motorcycle industry for nearly a century. But since 2005, Benelli has been a part of the Qjian Jiang (QJ) group, China’s largest capacity motorcycle manufacturer. Their bikes have been offered to the Nepalese public for a long time and enjoy widespread acclaim. This is the current Benelli pricing in Nepal, as listed by KTM International Trading Pvt. Ltd, an authorized dealer.

Benelli 180SRs. 4,59,900 (Neon Green)

Rs. 4,49,900 (Red/White)

Benelli 302SRs. 10,74,900 (Neon Green)

Rs. 10,49,900 (Black/White)

Benelli 752SRs. 25,15,000
Benelli Leoncino 251Rs. 6,30,000
Benelli TNT 135Rs. 2,75,000
Benelli TNT 15Rs. 2,54,900
Benelli TNT 150iRs. 3,77,900
Benelli TNT 600iRs. 23,58,000
Benelli TRK 251Rs. 8,24,900

BMW Bike Price in Nepal 2022

BMW Motorrad

Since 1923, BMW Motorrad has produced high-quality motorbikes. The company’s bikes are produced in Berlin, Germany, while TVS Motor Company in India produces the G310 series. Furthermore, BMW finally entered the Nepalese market with these vehicles in 2018. Himalayan Motorrad is the exclusive authorized importer and distributor of BMW motorbikes in Nepal. Check out this up-to-date price guide for BMW motorcycles in Nepal.

BMW G 310 GSRs. 14,50,000 (BS6 – White/Triple Black)

Rs. 11,15,000 (BS4 – White)

Rs. 10,90,000 (BS4 – Black or Red)

Rs. 14,75,000 (BS6 – Rally Style)

BMW G 310 RRs. 9,50,000 (BS4 – Black or Red)

Rs. 9,75,000 (BS4 – White)

Rs. 13,75,000 (BS6 – Style Sports)

Rs. 13,50,000 (BS6 – Black/Style Passion)

CFMoto Bike Price in Nepal 2022

CF Moto

CFMoto is unrivaled in the manufacture of liquid-cooled motorcycle and ATV engines. An estimated 800,000 engines and 600,000 automobiles is produced by this company annually. For more than two decades, CFMoto has been the world’s leading exporter of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility vehicles (UTVs). In addition, 68 additional European, North and South American, and African nations are now part of the brand’s global distribution network. Established in August 2017, CFMoto is now accepting new customers in Nepal’s 2-wheeler sector. You may buy CFMoto items with confidence knowing that they come from ANNA International Pvt. Ltd. You can find the most up-to-date CFMoto bike prices in Nepal here.

CFMoto 150NKRs. 3,50,000
CFMoto 250NKRs. 5,65,500 (ABS)
CFMoto 250SRRs. 6,90,000 (ABS)
CFMoto 400GTRs. 9,41,500 (ABS)
CFMoto 400NKRs. 7,90,000 (ABS)
CFMoto 650MTRs. 16,50,000 (ABS)
CFMoto 650NKRs. 15,50,000 (ABS)
CFMoto ST PapioRs. 2,41,500

Crossfire Bike Price in Nepal 2022


In Nepal, Crossfire is a popular choice among dirt and enduro bikes. In 2013, with the release of the XZ250RR, their flagship enduro model, they made their debut. These Crossfire motorcycles are renowned for their style, speed, and performance. To date, Classic Wheels Export & Import has been appointed as Australia’s sole distributor of Crossfire Motorcycles. To conform to Nepal’s off-road regulations, however, these bikes are imported from China. Let’s check out what the most up-to-date pricing of a Crossfire bike is in Nepal.

Crossfire GR7 250Rs. 5,45,000
Crossfire HJ 250Rs. 7,70,000
Crossfire RM 250Rs. 8,88,000 (Race Edition)
Crossfire Tracker 250Rs. 4,10,000

Cross X Bike Price in Nepal 2022

Cross X

Cross X Motorcycles debuted the CX250SE, its first OFF-ROAD motorcycle, in Nepal in 2014. The dirt and motard (supermoto) versions of this motorcycle shot to rapid fame among riders in urban areas and beyond. This manufacturer places a premium on product quality and efficiency. Their motorcycles have also been certified as meeting the requirements of the CE, EPA, Carb, ISO9001, and WMI. Bikers Nepal Pvt.Ltd is committed to enhancing the quality of life for motorcyclists worldwide through its role as an authorized distributor of Cross X dirt bikes. What you see before you is the current selling price of a Cross X bicycle in Nepal.

Cross X 250RRs. 8,75,000
Cross X 250SE MotardRs. 6,50,000

Ducati Bike Price in Nepal 2022


Since 1946, when it was first established, Ducati has produced motorcycles with a focus on performance. Motors featuring Desmodromic valve actuation, along with innovative design and cutting-edge technology, set their motorcycles apart. With a primary focus on the European, North American, and Asian-Pacific markets, these authentic “Made in Italy” symbols are marketed in over 80 countries worldwide, alongside a comprehensive line of complementary accessories and technical and lifestyle apparel. Find the latest price for a Ducati motorcycle in Nepal in the table below.

Ducati DiavelRs. 37,00,000
Ducati Diavel Carbon RedRs. 42,00,000
Ducati Diavel Carbon WhiteRs. 42,50,000
Ducati Diavel TitaniumRs. 58,50,000
Ducati Monster 1100 EVORs. 25,00,000
Ducati Monster 1200sRs. 34,00,000
Ducati Monster 1200S StripeRs. 36,00,000
Ducati Monster 696Rs. 19,50,000
Ducati Monster 796Rs. 21,50,000
Ducati Monster 821Rs. 24,00,000
Ducati Monster 821 StripeRs. 26,00,000
Ducati Multistrada 1200Rs. 37,00,000
Ducati Multistrada 1200sRs. 44,00,000
Ducati Multistrada 1200s Grand TurismoRs. 43,00,000
Ducati Multistrada 1200s Pikes PeaksRs. 45,00,000
Ducati Multistrada 1200s touringRs. 45,00,000
Ducati Multistrada 1200 TouringRs. 39,00,000
Ducati Multistrada 950Rs. 29,50,000
Ducati Panigale 1299Rs. 45,00,000
Ducati Panigale 1299rRs. 68,00,000
Ducati Panigale 1299sRs. 54,00,000
Ducati Panigale 959Rs. 23,00,000
Ducati Panigale V4Rs. 47,00,000
Ducati Panigale V4 SRs. 57,00,000
Ducati Panigale V4 SpecialeRs. 82,50,000
Ducati Scrambler Cafe RacerRs. 25,00,000
Ducati Scrambler ClassicRs. 23,00,000
Ducati Scrambler Desert SledRs. 25,00,000
Ducati Scrambler Flat Track ProRs. 25,00,000
Ducati Scrambler Full ThrottleRs. 23,00,000
Ducati Scrambler IconRs. 19,80,000
Ducati Scrambler Urban EnduroRs. 21,50,000

Haojue Bike Price in Nepal 2022


Established in 1992 by Haojue Holdings, Haojue is now one of China’s most popular motorbike names. It also collaborates with Suzuki, a major player in the motorcycle industry. So, when people think of a reliable and powerful motorcycle, they often think of a model made by this Japanese company. It is official that Krishna International Trading Concern is the importer and distributor of Haojue bicycles. What follows is the current selling price of a Haojue bike in Nepal.

Haojue NK150Rs. 4,10,000

Harley Davidson Bike Price in Nepal 2022

Harley Davidson

In the United States, Harley-Davidson, Inc. produces motorcycles and has its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Established in 1903, it is a significant American motorcycle manufacturer and, along with its rival Indian Motorcycles, one of the two to escape the Great Depression.

Harley Davidson Iron 883Rs. 45,85,000
Harley Davidson Street 750Rs. 23,00,000
Harley Davidson Street Rod 750Rs. 27,00,000

Hartford Bike Price in Nepal 2022


Established in 1995, HARTFORD MOTORS calls the Taichung Industrial Park and the Taichung Precision Machinery Park in Taichung, Taiwan home. Motorcycles, scooters, and dirt bikes are just some of the products they’ve been making and selling for the past quarter-century. It is also among the most popular choices for motorcycles in Nepal. The VR motorcycles are among the most popular models made by the Taiwanese company in Nepal. In India, Ignition Auto Pvt. Ltd. is the only authorized dealer of Hartford motorcycles. The latest Nepali Rupees cost of a Hartford VR bicycle is listed below.

Hartford VR150HRs. 4,90,000
Hartford VR 220HRs. 6,15,000

Hero Bike Price in Nepal 2022


The Indian company Hero MotoCorp Limited (formerly Hero Honda) produces motorcycles and scooters. Hero purchased out Honda’s remaining stake in the joint venture in 2010, changing its name to reflect the company’s new status. This led to its 2012 introduction on the Nepalese consumer market. Hero MotoCorp has an official distributor in Nepal: Nepal General Marketing Private Limited (NGM), which also offers service and replacement parts to customers. The current pricing of the Hero in Nepal is listed below.

Hero AchieverRs. 2,30,000 (Disc)
Hero Achiever 150Rs. 2,30,000
Hero GlamourRs. 2,36,500 (IBS)

Rs. 2,18,500 (Disc Brake)

Rs. 2,05,000 (Drum Brake)

Hero GlamourRs. 2,76,000 (Xtec)

Rs. 2,18,500 (Disc)

Rs. 2,05,000 (Drum)

Hero Glamour IBSRs. 2,36,500
Hero Glamour XtecRs. 2,76,000
Hero HF DeluxeRs. 1,79,000
Hero Hunk 150RRs. 3,01,000
Hero Hunk 150RRs. 3,01,000
Hero iSmart 110Rs. 1,83,500
Hero Splendor PlusRs. 1,90,000
Hero Super SplenderRs. 2,20,000
Hero Super SplendorRs. 2,20,000
Hero XPulse 200Rs. 4,17,500 (2V BS4-Carb)

Rs. 4,52,500 (4V BS6-FI)

Hero XPulse 200Rs. 4,03,500
Hero XPulse 200 4VRs. 4,52,500
Hero XPulse 200TRs. 3,52,000
Hero XPulse 200TRs. 3,52,000 (ABS)
Hero Xtreme 160RRs. 3,43,500 (ABS)
Hero XTreme 160RRs. 3,43,500
Hero Xtreme 200RRs. 2,95,500
Hero XTreme 200RRs. 2,95,500
Hero Xtreme SportsRs. 2,55,000 (Disc)
Hero XTreme SportsRs. 2,55,000

Honda Bike Price in Nepal 2022


Honda has been the industry leader in motorcycle production since 1959. The bikes are well-designed, long-lasting, powerful, and comfortable. When it comes to motorcycles and scooters, Honda is among the most recognizable names in the world. Syakar Trading is Honda’s official distributor in Nepal. As an added bonus, they sell their imported high-quality motorcycles in over 70 shops across the country, bringing in over 60,000 annually. Find the current Honda pricing in Nepal here.

Honda Africa TwinRs. 25,50,000

Rs. 26,50,000 (DCT)

Honda CB350 RSRs. 8,98,900
Honda CB 400SFRs. 22,75,000
Honda CB500FRs. 13,99,000
Honda CB Hornet 160RRs. 3,48,900
Honda CB Hornet 2.0Rs. 4,98,900
Honda CBR1000RRRs. 42,99,000
Honda CBR 250RRs. 6,79,900

Rs. 7,78,900 (ABS)

Honda CBR 250R RepsolRs. 7,23,900

Rs. 7,92,900 (ABS)

Honda CBR600RRRs. 34,50,000
Honda CBR 650RRs. 33,39,000
Honda CB ShineRs. 2,49,900 (Drum)

Rs. 2,59,900 (Disc)

Honda CB Shine SPRs. 2,79,900 (Disc)

Rs. 2,69,900 (Drum)

Honda CB Unicorn 150Rs. 3,08,900
Honda CD 110 DreamRs. 2,08,900
Honda CRF250LRs. 15,90,900 (Rally)

Rs. 12,90,900

Honda CRF300LRs. 19,50,000 (Rally)

Rs. 17,50,000

Honda Hness CB350Rs. 8,48,900
Honda XBladeRs. 3,42,900
Honda XR 150LRs. 6,49,900
Honda XR 190LRs. 6,98,900

Husqvarna Bike Price in Nepal 2022


From its humble beginnings in 1903 to its current status as one of Europe’s most illustrious motorcycle manufacturers, Husqvarna Motorcycles has come a long way. Inspired by a time when motorcycling was at its peak, the company’s name is now synonymous with the innovations and milestones that have changed the industry for good. In Nepal, Husqvarna motorcycles can be purchased through Hansraj Hulaschand & Co. Pvt. Ltd. The latest information regarding the cost of a Husqvarna motorcycle in Nepal can be found below.

Husqvarna Svartpilen 250Rs. 6,54,900
Husqvarna Vitpilen 250Rs. 6,54,900

ItalicaMoto Bike Price in Nepal 2022

Italica Moto

The Italian company ItalicaMoto (formerly known as Italijet) has been successful in the Nepalese market since its inception in 1959. The youth of today love riding and customizing their motorcycles and scooters. Since its founding, ItalicaMoto has produced an impressive lineup of motorcycles and scooters. The official distributor, Classic Wheels Export and Import, has a wide variety of models available now, from café racers and power cruisers to high-performance scooters. ItalicaMoto prices in Nepal as of 2019-04-23.

ItalicaMoto Nevada 250Rs. 6,65,000
ItalicaMoto Stallion 250Rs. 6,45,000
Italjet Buccaneer 250iRs. 5,50,000 (Discontinued)

Jawa Bike Price in Nepal 2022


Frantisek Janecek founded Jawa in the Czech capital of Prague in 1929. He acquired Wanderer’s motorbike business, and the brand name, Jawa, is an anagram of his first two names. There is still a strong market for its 350cc two-stroke motorcycles in Central American countries. The Legend has traveled from its origins in Europe to its final destination in the Nepalese Himalayas via India. For genuine Jawa motorcycles, go no further than Agni Motoinc, an official distributor and partner. The latest Jawa bike pricing in Nepal is listed below.

Jawa ClassicRs. 7,05,000 (Single-ABS)

Rs. 7,36,000 (Dual-ABS)

Jawa Forty TwoRs. 7,58,000 (Version 2.1)

Rs. 6,73,000 (Single-ABS)

Rs. 7,04,000 (Dual-ABS)

Jawa PerakRs. 8,20,000

Kasaka Bike Price in Nepal 2022

kasaka logo

Kasaka dirt bikes have been officially released in Nepal by Style Tradeline, formerly distributors of the renowned Chinese brand Jialing. Now in stock at the company’s dealerships in Kathmandu, Chitwan, and Dhading are the two new dirt bikes from Kasaka, the 200 DT and 250 GY. Both of these off-road motorcycles have a unique look and come at a shockingly low price. Both the Kasaka 200 and the Kasaka 250 are available with a selection of engines, and both are physically distinct from one another.

Kasaka 200 DTRs. 3,95,000
Kasaka 250 GYRs. 4,15,000

Kayo Bike Price in Nepal 2022


KAYO, founded in 2002, is widely recognized as the premier manufacturer of off-road motorcycles in China. The company’s roots are in the production of pit bikes, which were shipped to Europe. After years of development and testing, it began making dirt bikes. Currently, the company ships to 21 different nations, one of which is Nepal, where there is a big market for their goods. Subani Traders is the only company in Nepal permitted to import and sell Kayo motorcycles. For the latest Nepali rupee value of a Kayo bicycle, please click here.

Kayo K6Rs. 6,50,000
Kayo T2Rs. 4,70,000
Kayo T4Rs. 5,70,000

Keeway Bike Price in Nepal 2022


Established in 1999 in Hungary, Keeway has since expanded across Europe. Qianjiang Motorcycle, a Chinese company, has acquired ownership (maker of Benelli). Therefore, Keeway motorcycles now have Benelli as their principal design and technology partner. If you’re looking to buy a Keeway motorcycle in Nepal, you may only do so through KTM International Trading Pvt. Ltd. The most up-to-date listing of Keeway bikes’ Nepali price tags can be seen here.

Keeway K Light 202Rs. 4,07,000
Keeway Patagonian Eagle 250Rs. 4,54,000

Komaki Bike Price in Nepal 2022


Since 2016, KLB KOMAKI has dabbled in the electric vehicle industry. The company offers the greatest services at competitive prices and are well recognized as one of the most dependable Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers in the world. E-Rickshaw, E-Scooty, and E-Loader are all part of KOmaki’s Electric vehicle division.

The most up-to-date Komaki pricing in Nepal is listed here.

Komaki RangerRs. 4,35,000

KTM Bike Price in Nepal 2022


The Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM was established in 1934 and is now considered the premier manufacturer of high-end motorcycles worldwide. Their motorcycles, which bear the slogan “Ready to Race,” are well-known for their robust performance and intimidating good looks. KTM is widely recognized as a forerunner in the motorcycle sports industry. More than three thousand people are currently employed by the company across the globe, and it is widely regarded as a leader in engineering, design, and technology. HH (Hansraj Hulaschand) & Co. Ltd. is the only KTM dealer in Nepal. Since its introduction to the Nepalese market in 2012, it has quickly risen to the ranks of the most popular products there. For the latest information on the cost of a KTM motorcycle in Nepal, go here.

KTM Adventure 250Rs. 8,19,900
KTM Adventure 390Rs. 10,89,900
KTM Duke 125Rs. 4,49,000 (Discontinued)
KTM Duke 200Rs. 5,64,900
KTM Duke 250Rs. 7,84,900
KTM Duke 390Rs. 9,99,900
KTM Duke 790Rs. 23,99,000
KTM RC 200Rs. 6,74,900
KTM RC 390Rs. 9,44,900

Lemoto Bike Price in Nepal 2022

Lemoto logo

A popular British manufacturer of motorcycles, dirt bikes, and scooters, Lemoto is known worldwide for its high-quality products. Lemoto was first introduced to the Nepalese market in December of 2017. Recently, the company introduced the Lemoto LRF 250 Motard and the Lemoto LRF Dirt/Enduro to the Nepali market. Riders of all stripes seem to favor Lemoto motorcycles because the company has consistently catered to their wants and needs, established a new standard in the industry, and produced bikes that are both stylish and durable. The pricing is reasonable considering the features and build quality of these British motorcycles. The bikes are popular among riders because they offer superior comfort compared to those of competing models.

Lemoto LRF 250Rs. 6,20,000 (Enduro/Motard)

Miku Bike Price in Nepal 2022


Sundra Company of Beijing produces the Miku brand of electric two-wheelers. SUNDRA prioritizes offering high-quality services, and their transportation options are designed to save money, be dependable, and be enjoyable for their customers. When it comes to electric bikes in Nepal, Kaliber Auto is the importer and distributor for Miku. See the most up-to-date price for a Miku electric bike in Nepal down below.

Miku MaxRs. 2,24,000
Miku SuperRs. 3,96,900

Motorhead Bike Price in Nepal 2022


Motorhead, headquartered in China, is a car manufacturer that holds a Guinness world record. In 2015, it was officially recognized as the longest motorbike trip ever at over 35,000 kilometers. Brand makes dirt bikes and dual-sport motorcycles. As an official Motorhead importer and distributor in Nepal, SLR Techno & Trade Pvt. Ltd. View the most up-to-date Motorhead price in Nepal here.

Motorhead MH 150RRs. 3,10,000
Motorhead MH 200XRs. 3,72,000
Motorhead Scrambler 250Rs. 4,95,000
Motorhead Sports 250Rs. 4,30,000 (Off Road Tyre)

Rs. 4,35,000 (On Road Tyre)

Motorhead Tekken 250Rs. 3,95,000
Motorhead Tekken R250Rs. 4,75,000
Motorhead X Torque 250Rs. 3,90,000

MV Agusta Bike Price in Nepal 2022

MV Augusta

The company owes the first part of its name, MV, to the location of its first plant, which was originally producing airplanes, near what is today Malpensa international airport, in Verghera. This location inspired Count Giovanni Agusta’s passion for flying machines, which led to the founding of the company.

MV Agusta Brutale 800 RRRs. 43,90,000
MV Agusta Dragster 800 RRRs. 46,90,000
MV Agusta F3 675Rs. 41,90,000
MV Agusta F4Rs. 57,90,000
MV Agusta F4 RRRs. 61,90,000

One Electric Bike Price in Nepal 2022

The Indian startup One Electric Bikes is leading the way in the transition to all-electric vehicles.

One Electric KridnRs. 3,50,000

Pure EV Bike Price in Nepal 2022

Pure EV

As of 2015, Pure EV has been the leading electric vehicle manufacturer in India. Production of electric bicycles and lithium-ion batteries are both now in progress at the company’s facilities. Only White Lotus Group Nepal is authorized to import and distribute Pure EV products in Nepal. This is the most recent information regarding the cost of a Pure EV electric scooter in Nepal.

Pure EV Etryst 350Rs. 3,99,000

REVIT Bike Price in Nepal 2022

The Chinese motorcycle manufacturer REVIT has just made its debut in Nepal. For anyone in Nepal interested in purchasing a REV IT bike, they can do so exclusively through Sahara Group, which is a division of Multi-purpose Pvt. Ltd. Their first motorcycle just hit the market, and they’re committed to improving their customers’ off-road riding experiences. You can check out the latest REVIT bike pricing in Nepal down below.

REVIT 250Rs. 4,50,000

Royal Enfield Bike Price in Nepal 2022

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield has been making updated classics based on Indian motorcycles since 1901. To pay tribute to its history, the slogan “Made like a gun” is still used today. Their motorcycles have a distinct thud that has become synonymous with the brand. The firm is currently working to broaden its international footprint by opening a number of new, exclusive dealerships in key markets like India, Europe, the Gulf, and the United States. When it comes to the Nepalese market, Vivek Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized importer and distributor of RE motorcycles. You can see the latest Royal Enfield price in Nepal down below.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350Rs. 5,60,000 (Electra-ABS)

Rs. 4,67,000 (Electra )

Rs. 4,49,000 (Twinspark)

Royal Enfield Bullet 500Rs. 5,75,000
Royal Enfield Classic 350Rs. 6,40,000 (Black)

Rs. 6,15,000 (Dual-ABS (Out of Stock))

Rs. 6,50,000 (Other Colors)

Royal Enfield Classic 500Rs. 5,61,000 (Battle Green/Desert Storm)

Rs. 6,61,000

Royal Enfield Classic ChromeRs. 6,81,000
Royal Enfield Continental GTRs. 7,21,000
Royal Enfield HimalayanRs. 8,98,000
Royal Enfield Interceptor 650Rs. 12,49,000
Royal Enfield Meteor 350Rs. 8,70,000 (Supernova)

Rs. 8,30,000 (Fireball)

Rs. 8,50,000 (Stellar)

Royal Enfield Thunderbird X 350Rs. 6,70,000 (Dual-ABS)

Rs. 5,95,000

Royal Enfield Thunderbird X 500Rs. 8,21,000

Runner Bike Price in Nepal 2022


In 2000, Runner Automobiles was established with a staff of 700. After 10 long years of hard work, Runner became one of the most popular and widely sold brands of motorcycles in Bangladesh. They were also the first Bangladeshi motorcycle producer and exporter to begin sending bikes to Nepal. In Nepal, Runner motorcycles may be purchased from Raman Motors, an official importer and distributor. Here is the latest pricing information about Runner bicycles in Nepal.

Runner BulletRs. 1,95,000
Runner Hwak 200Rs. 4,25,000
Runner Knight RiderRs. 2,60,000
Runner Royal PlusRs. 1,89,000
Runner TurboRs. 2,40,000

Super Soco Bike Price in Nepal 2022

Super Soco

Super Soco was founded in 2015 as an electric motorcycle manufacturer. The United Kingdom and Australia both rank it as their top electric brand. As the sole importer and distributor of Super Soco products in Nepal, D-Lifestyle has built a strong reputation for itself in the industry. Here is the current selling price of Super Soco in Nepal.

Super Soco TCRs. 3,89,900 (Double Battery)

Rs. 2,95,900 (Single Battery)

Super Soco TC MaxRs. 4,89,900
Super Soco TC WandererRs. 4,89,900 (Dual Battery)

Rs. 3,89,900 (Single Battery)

Super Soco TS Street HunterRs. 4,79,900 (Dual Battery)

Rs. 3,79,900 (Single Battery)

Super Soco TSXRs. 2,85,900 (Single Battery)

Rs. 3,69,900 (Double Battery)

Suzuki Bike Price in Nepal 2022


Global recognition of the Suzuki name began in 1909, when the company was founded in Japan. Automobiles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and boat motors were the original inspiration for the founding of this corporation. Right now, their services can be found in 192 different nations. VG (Vishal Group) Automobiles imports and distributes Suzuki motorcycles in Nepal. Below you’ll find the current price of Suzukis in Nepal.

Suzuki Gixxer 150Rs. 3,89,900 (FI)

Rs. 2,83,900 (Carburator)

Suzuki Gixxer 250Rs. 4,65,900
Suzuki Gixxer SF 150Rs. 3,81,900 (Moto GP)

Rs. 3,79,900

Suzuki Gixxer SF 250Rs. 4,98,900

Rs. 5,01,900 (Moto GP)

Suzuki Hayate EPRs. 2,19,900
Suzuki IntruderRs. 3,29,900

SYM Bike Price in Nepal 2022

Sym bike

SANYANG Motorcycles was founded in 1954 and is headquartered in Taiwan. It produces a variety of bicycles and scooters, which it then exports to 90 other nations. The KG Intercontinental Pvt. Ltd. in Nepal is also an authorized importer and distributor of SYM Motorcycles. We’ve got the most up-to-date information about the cost of a SYM motorcycle in Nepal right here.

SYM NH T200Rs. 6,25,000

TARO Bike Price in Nepal 2022


The TARO brand is designed in Italy but made in China. Their bikes and scooters can be found on store shelves all around the world. Additionally, they are well-liked in a number of south Asian nations, including Bangladesh and Pakistan. SG Group’s subsidiary, Om MotoCorp Pvt. Ltd., is recognized as a legal importer and distributor in Nepal. Find the current price of Taro in Nepal down below.

TARO GP1 250SRRs. 6,50,000
TARO GP1 400RRs. 9,50,000
TARO GP2 200Rs. 5,50,000

TVS Bike Price in Nepal 2022


Established in 1979, TVS Motor Company Limited has grown to become India’s third-largest producer of motorcycles and scooters. It’s one of the most reputable names in motorcycling because of the high standard it sets with each model. The identical is true for Nepal. Only Jagdamba Motors is authorized to sell TVS products in Nepal. The most up-to-date price for a TVS in Nepal can be found in the table below.

TVS Apache RR 310Rs. 7,99,900
TVS Apache RTR 160 2VRs. 2,80,900
TVS Apache RTR 160 4VRs. 2,72,900 (FD)

Rs. 2,90,900 (RD)

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V RefreshRs. 2,99,900 (FD)

Rs. 3,79,900 (BS6-FI)

Rs. 3,44,900 (ABS)

Rs. 3,18,900 (RD)

TVS Apache RTR 180 2VRs. 2,79,900
TVS Apache RTR 200 4VRs. 3,24,900

Rs. 3,69,900 (ABS)

Rs. 3,98,900 (BS6-FI)

TVS Max 125Rs. 2,41,900
TVS RadeonRs. 1,93,900
TVS Raider 125Rs. 2,56,900
TVS Stryker 125Rs. 2,21,900 (Refresh)

Rs. 1,96,900

UM Bike Price in Nepal 2022

UM Bike

United Motors, or UM-Motorcycles, is a company that makes motorcycles in Miami, Florida, USA. UM was founded by Octavio Villegas Llano in the early 2000s. The firm’s distribution network covers 25 countries and includes 1200 retail locations. In 2016, it made its debut at Intermot in Europe; its Porto, Portugal, headquarters serve as the hub for its European operations.

UM DSR II 250cRs. 4,35,000
UM Hypersports 250cRs. 4,45,000
UM Renegade 180cRs. 2,99,000
UM Renegade Commando 300cRs. 6,14,000
UM Renegade Sports 140Rs. 2,65,000
UM Renegade Sports S 300cRs. 6,22,000

Yamaha Bike Price in Nepal 2022


In 1955, Yamaha Motor Company Limited was established in Japan. Their manufacture of two-wheeled vehicles accounts for a sizable fraction of the global market. In addition, since 1975, the Nepalese market has benefited from receiving Yamaha’s high-quality models. MAW Enterprise imports and distributes motorbikes and scooters in Nepal. The latest up-to-date Yamaha prices in Nepal may be found here.

Yamaha BoltRs. 34,99,000
Yamaha Fazer 25Rs. 4,14,900
Yamaha FZ 25Rs. 4,74,900
Yamaha FZS V2Rs. 3,47,900
Yamaha FZS V3Rs. 3,99,900 (Dark Knight)

Rs. 3,94,900 (X-connect)

Rs. 3,54,900 (ABS (Discontinued))

Yamaha FZ V2Rs. 3,23,900
Yamaha FZ-XRs. 4,35,900
Yamaha MT-09Rs. 34,99,000
Yamaha MT-15Rs. 4,42,900 (BS4-Discountinued)

Rs. 4,83,900 (BS6)

Rs. 4,93,900 (BS6-CYW)

Yamaha R15MRs. 5,87,900
Yamaha R15 V3Rs. 5,24,900 (BS6)

Rs. 4,96,900 (BS4-Discountinued)

Yamaha R15 V4Rs. 5,49,900
Yamaha R6Rs. 39,99,000
Yamaha SalutoRs. 2,46,900
Yamaha SZ-RRRs. 2,71,900
Yamaha XTZ 125Rs. 3,99,900
Yamaha XTZ 150Rs. 5,69,900
Yamaha YZF R3Rs. 9,24,900

Yatri Bike Price in Nepal 2022


Yatri was established in 2017 and is the pioneering electric vehicle (EV) brand in Nepal. All aspects of their electric motorcycles, from conception to final assembly, take place in Nepal. This Kathmandu-based firm is working to improve the way people get around cities. This is the current Yatri bike pricing in Nepal.

Yatri P0Rs. 19,49,000
Yatri P1Rs. 5,65,000

Rs. 6,13,400 (Top Variant)

Zongshen Bike Price in Nepal 2022


A Chinese manufacturer of motorcycles, Zongshen was established in 1982 by its namesake, Zuo Zongshen. In 1996, they introduced the world to their first motorcycle. In addition, you can purchase Zongshen bikes in a wide variety of international locations, such as the UK, Belarus, Spain, Argentina, Turkey, the Philippines, Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, and Colombia. Zongshen’s authorized importer and distributor in Nepal is Reezon Motors Business. Below is the latest price of Zongshen in Nepal.

Zongshen RX3Rs. 6,19,000
Zongshen Z1Rs. 2,79,000
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