SAMSUNG 2263DX dual multimedia LCD display

Maximize your productivity with the SAMSUNG 2263DX dual multimedia LCD display. This award-winning monitor includes a 22” screen and an additional 7” companion monitor which attaches to the main screen. Enjoy the extra space for IM, music/movie players, web browsers, photos and more. The 7” tandem screen is attached via a pivoting, swiveling arm which allows it to be positioned on either side or above the main display for a truly comfortable, customizable work environment. The SAMSUNG 2263DX is ideal for anyone who multitasks or wants to improve their efficiency. The 22″ screen also has a built-in 3.0 megapixel attached webcam.

Key Specifications

Screen Size : 22″ wide + 7″ wide

Resolution : [22″] 1680 x 1050 [7″] 800 x 480

Brightness : [22″] 300 cd/m² [7″] 200 cd/m²

Contrast Ratio : [22″] 1000:1 (Typ.) [7″] 400:1 (Typ.)

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