Ericsson products in the market

The world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and related services of mobile and fixed network operators Ericsson, has opened its office in Nepal.

Ericsson is being very aggressive in partnering with telecom operators to bring quality telecom experience in Nepal with state of art technology based on next generation networks.

Its technology leadership and presence is very visible in Nepal for more than a year in most of the telecom meetings and forums and is being seen as a sign of telecom revolution in Nepal, it claimed. Over 1,000 networks in more than 174 countries utilise its network equipment and 40 per cent of all mobile calls are made through its systems. Ericsson is one of the few companies worldwide that can offer end-to-end solutions for all major mobile communication standards.

Communication is changing the way we live and work, it said, adding that Ericsson plays a key role in this evolution, using innovation to empower people, business and society.

It provides communication networks, telecom services and multimedia solution, said the company.(Source:THT)

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