Huawei launches Matestation S desktop PC with AMD hardware

Huawei Matestation S

Huawei has just introduced the MateStation S, its new desktop. The PC arrives with interesting new features, such as the integration of tools to interact with smartphones and other devices of the brand from the desktop. It also has a compact CPU case, so it takes up less space than other equipment .

Huawei’s chosen design for the MateStation S not only seeks aesthetic appeal, but is also functional. According to the company, the openings in the cabinet were designed to keep fresh air flowing and put temperatures under control.

CPU Tower Case

In fact, the chinese company has equipped its new desktop PC with an intelligent cooling system that uses an ultra-stealthy fan. The speed of the same is automatically adjusted as the temperature of the components changes, to avoid overheating.

Huawei Matestation S CPU cooling

AMD hardware and ultra-thin keyboard

Huawei has equipped the MateStation S with an AMD Ryzen 5 4600G processor, equipped with six cores and fabricated in 7 nanometers, along with integrated Radeon graphics. While no mention has been made of the available internal storage and RAM options, the Chinese company promises very good performance, even for demanding multimedia tasks.

It is worth noting that the computer arrives accompanied by an ultra-thin keyboard, with cable, which includes a 2-in-1 fingerprint reader. It allows you to start the computer with just one touch, in order to promote productivity.

Huawei Matestation S setup

But, without a doubt, the most interesting part about the MateStation S is that it adopts tools to facilitate integration with other Huawei products. The new PC is compatible with Huawei Share, technology that allows you to connect to a smartphone to transfer and edit files from the desktop.

With the Multiscreen Collaboration feature, meanwhile, it is possible to run and interact simultaneously with up to three applications installed on our mobile device, directly from the computer.

Huawei has introduced three monitors keeping in mind the different set of users and their requirements while using this MateStation S PC.

These are the Huawei Display of 23.8 inches, the Huawei MateView of 28.2 inches Full View with 4K+ resolution, and the Huawei MateView GT; the latter is the company’s first curved monitor and stands out for its 34-inch size and for offering a refresh rate of 165 Hz.

Price and availability

The Huawei MateStation S goes on sale in European markets next Monday, August 16 in the official online store of the company, in exchange for 649 euros or NRs 90,430. Until August 31, those who buy the PC get the 23.8-inch Huawei Display monitor as a free gift.

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