LG unveils World’s first 12 inch high-res stretchable display

LG high-res stretchable display

LG Display claims to have introduced the first high-resolution, 12-inch, flexible display. Stretchable displays are based on a technology that uses the same silicon found in contact lenses to create a very robust film-type substrate.

The 12-inch screen is fully RGB, has a resolution of 100 PPI, and can be extended to a length of 14 inches, much like a rubber band.

The free-form technology can reportedly withstand more twisting and folding than current foldable and rollable display technology without suffering any distortion or damage.

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The light source is made up of microLEDs with a pixel pitch of less than 40m, and the durability is increased by using a flexible spring-like wiring structure.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE) of South Korea commissioned extensive R&D on LG’s Stretchable display in 2020. LG has committed to seeing the project through to fruition in the hopes that it will increase the country’s competitiveness in next-generation display technology.

We know that Samsung is developing a flexible display, but so far it appears that they are more interested in using it to 3D televisions.

The exact release date of the stretchable display has not yet been determined. Prior to leaving the smartphone market, LG was at the forefront of innovative services. The revolutionary flexible screen has wide-ranging potential uses.

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