Nokia Unveils Groundbreaking 3D Calling Technology: A More Lifelike Phone Experience

Get ready for a revolution in phone calls! Nokia has unveiled a groundbreaking technology called “immersive audio and video” that promises to transform the way we connect with each other. This innovative approach goes beyond traditional calls, introducing a three-dimensional soundscape for a more realistic and engaging experience.

A Call for Collaboration:

During a live demonstration, Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark showcased the technology in a call with Finland’s Ambassador of Digitalization and New Technologies, Stefan Lindström. Nokia is actively encouraging network providers, chipset manufacturers, and handset makers to collaborate and integrate this “immersive” calling capability into future devices, aiming to make it the new standard in communication.

A Leap Forward from Compressed Calls:

This advancement represents a significant leap from the current state of voice calling. Traditional calls rely heavily on compression to reduce file size, a limitation from the technology’s early days. While modern infrastructure could handle high-quality multi-channel audio, we’ve remained confined to monophonic (single-channel) sound.

Introducing Spatial Audio and Beyond:

Nokia’s 3D calling technology breaks the mold by introducing spatial audio, allowing you to not only hear the caller but also perceive their environment acoustically. In the words of Jenni Lukander, Nokia’s president, this is “the biggest leap forward in the live voice calling experience since the introduction of monophonic telephony audio.”

Accessibility and Implementation:

One of the most exciting aspects of this innovation is its accessibility. Unlike projects like Google’s Project Starline, Nokia’s approach doesn’t require specialized equipment. The immersive effect is achieved using a stereo microphone setup, a feature already present in most modern smartphones.

Demonstrating the technology’s real-world practicality, the call was conducted on a regular 5G-enabled smartphone (reportedly a Pixel device). Beyond person-to-person calls, Nokia envisions this immersive experience extending to conference calls, transforming group communication as well.

The Road to Widespread Adoption:

Nokia plans to license this technology, making it available to the public within a few years. This innovative approach has the potential to redefine the way we experience phone calls, ushering in a new era of realistic and engaging communication.

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