NTC USSD Codes, SMS Codes and IVR

Nepal Telecom USSD Codes
A USSD code is entered into phones to perform actions. They are mainly used by network operators to provide customers with easy access to pre-configured services, including call-forwarding, balance inquiries and multiple SIM functions.

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.

USSD codes are a form of communication used for mobile devices. They are a type of gateway technology that allow users to access additional information on their phone, such as checking their balance, buying airtime, transferring funds, checking their mini-statement, or switching service providers. This type of communication is cost effective, convenient, and is considered a quick solution.

USSD codes are a combination of symbols, alphabets, and numbers.

It is a fast, two-way communication tool used to send commands to and from a mobile phone. It does not require an internet connection and is available on most networks and mobile devices. When the user types in a USSD code, the mobile device connects to the service provider’s server from which the user can receive additional information or the requested service.

Below you will find some of the important USSD codes to be used on NTC Network to inquire and subscribe to various services offered by the telecom operator.

Find your NTC Phone number (Know your mobile number)


Output  :  MSISDN : 977********** Your Number

Balance Check (Main account balance check code)


Output : Your Balance is Rs.XX,Expiry Date is 2024-02-25.

Recharge – Topup Balance

*411#Scratch Card Pin #

Customer Service (IVR)

Dial 1415

  • Balance Inquiry(Credit Limit)
  • Recharge
  • Complain
  • Other Services(First Call Activation, Handset Lost /Sim Blockage, PUK Number, Change Number,Data Volume,Sales Order )
  • Language and Pin Number
  • Operator Assistance

NTC Caller Tune Subscription


Subscribe to various latest songs to set it as your caller tune.

ISD – International Call


International Calling e.g. – 1425(Country Code)(Phone Number)

Inquiry and Complain


Customer Care : Complain NTC Landline, GSM or CDMA

Other IVR Services

SN Service Dial code Charge Occupancy / Start date
1 SEE Result Enquiry 1600 1 pulse @ 10 sec 4 weeks in 1 year
2 Class 11 and 12 Result Enquiry 1601 1 pulse @ 10 sec 6 results in 1 year ( 2 weeks each result)
3 SEE Supplementary Result Enquiry 1600 1 pulse @ 10 sec 2 weeks in 1 year
4 TU Results 1602 1 pulse @ 10 sec
5 Telephone Fault Booking 198 Free Permanent (Sept 2006)
6 Lineman Fault Down 192 Free Permanent (Nov 2006)
7 PSTN Bill Enquiry 1606 Local charge Permanent (Jan 2007)
8 VOIP Call Complain 188 Free Permanent (Dec 2007)

Friends & Family Service:

GSM Post-Paid
Call Charge : 55 paisa per minute
Maximum allowed numbers : 5
Subscription : Free

GSM Pre-paid
Call Charge : 70 paisa per minute
Maximum allowed numbers : 5
Subscription : Free

Subscription Process

To Subscribe : type <FNFSUB*No1> send it to 1415
To add new FNF member : type <FNFADD*No2> send it to 1415 (repeat same for the next 3 numbers)
To Modify FNF Member : type <FNFMOD*OLD No*New No> send it to 1415
To Delete FNF Member : type <FNFDEL*No> send it to 1415
To Inquiry FNF Member : type <FNFINQ> send it to 1415

SMS Short Code 

Service Syntax
Outstanding Balance Query Type “CB” and send to 1415
Data Volume Query Type “VL” and send to 1415
Free Resource Query Type “FR” and send to 1415
Night call Package (CDMA only) Type “Night” and send to 1415
Friends and Family (FNF) Service Subscription Type “FNFSUB*MDN” and send to 1415
Friends and Family (FNF) Add Member Type “FNFADD*and send to 1415 (1 MDN at a time)
Friends and Family (FNF) Modify Member Type “FNFMOD*oldMDN*newMDN” and send to


Friends and Family (FNF) Delete Member Type “FNFDEL*MDN” and send to 1415
Friends and Family (FNF) Member Inquiry Type “FNFINQ” and send to 1415
For Help Type “Help” and send to 1415
Different Package Subscription (Voice/Data/SMS etc.) Type sub code and send SMS to 1415.

(Visit NT website to view different sub_code)

Subscribe to NT Wi-Fi Hotspot Connect to Available Hotspot to subscribe package.

Based on information send SMS to 1416

NTPro Service Type Sub ntpro and send SMS to 1428
Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) Service Type Sub and send SMS to 1455 to start service

Type Unsub and send SMT to 1455 to stop service

SEE Result Inquiry Type SEE Symbol Number and Send SMS to 1600
Credit Service (Loan Service) Type Status and send SMS to 1477
Security Code (For prepaid) Type “SCODE” and send to 1415
PUK Number (For Postpaid) Type “PUK” and sent to 1415
Missed Call Alert Service Type sub and send SMS to 1400 to START

Type unsub and send SMS to 1400 to STOP

Note: MDN = NT phone number (CDMA, PSTN, GSM)


IVR Number



1412 Free Bill payment by using Recharge Card
1415 Balance query/credit limit query/recharge/missing claim/cancel

missing claim/first call activation/ PUK query/data volume query

1607 Airtime PUK Number Inquiry
1498 Free General Inquiry
192 Free Fault Handling
197 Free Number Inquiry
198 Free Line Maintenance (PSTN, ADSL, VSAT & FTTH)
1600 Airtime SEE Result Inquiry
1455 Airtime Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) Service



GSM Mobile Balance Inquiry Dial *400#
4G Activation Dial *444# (If SIM change is required to upgrade to 4G, please visit

nearest NT Office)

Package Subscription Dial *1415# and follow instruction.
GSM Re Charge (Re Charge Card) Dial *412*Pin Number#
Balance Transfer (Prepaid) Dial *422*Security Code*Mobile Number*Amount (in Rs.)#
Missed Call Alert Service Dial *1400#
Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) Dial *1455#
SIM card Owner Query Dial *922#
CMMC Survey Dial *1419#
Education        Packages         (Happy

Learning and e-Shikshya

Dial *1441#
SEE Offer Dial *1600#
First Call Activation (FCA) Dial *1414#


Special Codes:

100 Nepal Police
101 Fire Brigade
102 Ambulance
103 Traffic Police
104 Central Child Welfare Board
105 Army: Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur
106 Army Kendriya Sainik Prahari Gulmi
107 Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority
197 PSTN Telephone Enquiry
1098 CWIN
1103 Traffic Police Lalitpur
1111 Hello Sarkar
1115 Department of Health Services Nepal
1144 Tourist Police
1177 Metropolitan Police – Crime Division
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