Samsung Celebrates Paris Olympics with Commemorative Galaxy Phone Accessories

Samsung Celebrates Paris Olympics with Commemorative Galaxy Phone Accessories

Samsung Electronics France has unveiled a collection of special edition accessories for Galaxy smartphones, commemorating the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

A Tribute to the Games:

This launch coincides with Samsung’s existing global partnership with the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The collection features a variety of accessories adorned with the event’s logo and signature colors, allowing users to showcase their Olympic spirit.

Wide Range of Options:

The lineup boasts over 50 phone cases, catering to a diverse range of Galaxy smartphones. From budget-friendly options like the Galaxy A15 and A25 to mid-tier models like the A35 and A55, and even Samsung’s latest flagships, the Galaxy S24 series, there’s a commemorative case for almost every Galaxy user. The collection also includes themed cases for the foldable Galaxy Z Flip 5. Prices start at EUR 19.90 (approximately Rs. 1,700).

Beyond Cases:

Samsung goes beyond phone cases with additional themed accessories. A stylish shoulder strap, braided in the colors of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, allows users to comfortably carry their phones around their necks. Another wider strap option features the “Paris 2024” text logo and is priced at the same EUR 19.90.

Functional Elegance:

For those seeking additional power, a special edition 10,000mAh power bank featuring the Phryge, the official mascot of the Games, is available for EUR 49.90 (approximately Rs. 4,400). Samsung also offers a practical waterproof pouch for added protection against the elements, priced at EUR 19.90.


Samsung has already begun selling some of these celebratory accessories through the official Samsung France Online Store.

Analyst Take:

This collection from Samsung offers a delightful way for Galaxy users to celebrate the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris. With a wide variety of themed cases, straps, and functional accessories, there’s something for everyone. The reasonable pricing makes these commemorative items even more attractive. Look out for these special edition accessories if you’re a Galaxy user and a fan of the Olympic Games!

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