Samsung Smart LED Signage Brings a Digital Waterfall to Times Square


Samsung has launched a giant digital waterfall on its giant digital signage in New York.

An art installation called Waterfall-NYC (2021) is over 100 m high. For comparison: the height of Niagara Falls is only 53 meters, although such a comparison is, of course, extremely conditional.

It can also be noted that this digital sign, located in Times Square, is also the brightest in the world. Its peak brightness reaches a maximum of 9000 nits, so the image is perfectly visible even during the day in clear weather.

The height of Waterfall-NYC (2021) is nearly three times larger than the work the 90 to 120 foot-tall Waterfalls by globally renowned installation artist Olafur Eliason in New York in 2008 and was made possible by Samsung’s Smart LED Signage.

The installation, which is located at One Times Square, uses four vertical screens for a total of 350 foot (110m)-tall with more than 11,639 square feet (1081 square meters) when combined.

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