Vivo X100 Ultra Enhances Camera and Battery Performance with Latest OriginOS 4 Update

The vivo X100 Ultra Enhances Camera and Battery Performance with the Latest OriginOS 4 Update

The vivo X100 Ultra, which made its debut last year, has already received six system updates. The latest one, OriginOS 4 PD2366I\_A\_14.0.10.2.W10.V000L1, is a 245MB package that brings a host of camera improvements, a new camera feature, battery life enhancements, and more.

The new camera feature allows users to connect the X100 Ultra with specific mixed reality (MR) devices, creating a more immersive photography experience. The complete list of improvements can be found in the changelog below.

OriginOS 4 PD2366I\_A\_14.0.10.2.W10.V000L1 Changelog:

Camera Improvements:

* Enhanced stabilization performance for 4K60fps video recording, resulting in smoother and more stable camera movement.
* Improved camera stability in high-temperature environments.
* Smoother zooming for an overall better camera experience.
* Night mode optimizations for clearer images.
* Improved exposure management and image clarity with third-party camera apps.

Battery Improvements:

* Reduced standby power consumption in certain scenarios for extended battery life.
* Optimized Bluetooth standby power consumption for improved battery performance.


Enhanced display effects

Please note that the update does not specify which MR devices are compatible with the X100 Ultra. It’s also worth mentioning that vivo is currently developing an MR prototype, which, according to Hu Baishan, the brand’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, is set to be unveiled on vivo’s 30th anniversary next year.

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