Haicom GPS products launched in Nepal

Amala International Inc, the sole distributor for Haicom GPS of Taiwan, has introduced GPS devices and services of the highest international quality and standards in the market.

“It has passed the highest standard and has got international certification of FCC, CE, ISO 900-2001, ROHS, and WEEE. These devices have also been type approved by Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA) for use here in Nepal,” said the company.

Amala International is now servicing the market with these Haicom GPS products keeping in mind the huge potential in vehicle management and logistic solution for offices with many vehicles and anyone with a vehicle or a motorcycle.

“Our devices can also be carried by anyone for personal use,” it said, adding that the devices can also be used for home, shop, security and remotely-controlled machines. It has brought two GPS tracking devices — HI-602 and HI-603.

The Hi-602 is a tracking device for use in motorcycle and for personal use and the HI-603 is the vehicle tracker.

The main purpose of these devices is for the safety and monitoring of the movement of the vehicle. It has other vast application like for GIS mapping, remotely controlling (turning on and off) of machine and home, shop security. With the installation of Haicom GPS tracking device, the movement of the vehicles and personnel can be monitored in real time live through the Internet from any part of the world.

This way efficiency of the vehicles will increase, resulting in revenue saved. The user can see the indefinite history of the movement of the vehicle and then can export it as an excel file for record. “It means no need of the current log book that the drivers maintain,” according to Amala International. “One can see where the vehicle has been in the past.”

When people buy a new vehicle, the first thing that they do for security is install those devices (paying anywhere from Rs 4,000 to 20,000). But what they do is nothing compared to the new system as it features SOS. “In case of real emergency like kidnapping and other events where your mobile phone becomes useless, the user can just press a button to ask for rescue help to three predefined numbers installed in the system,” the company said.

Once the SOS button is pressed, a call and sms will be sent to these three numbers with an SOS message and giving the latitude and longitude of the place also.

Immobilisation is another feature whereby the user can make the vehicle stop anytime required. Similarly, it has shock-sensor that will automatically call and send message to the three numbers in case of accident. It has Geo-fencing that allows creating restriction boundary where the vehicle should not enter or wall from which the vehicle should not exit.

Similarly bugging can help hear conversation in the vehicle whereas anti-theft device will call and send message if the system line or power is tampered with.

It also has speed-alert, real-time live tracking, stolen bike problem solver. The vehicle tracker is priced at Rs 16,500 and the motorcycle tracker at Rs 14,500.

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