Yamaha and Tata launch new vehicles


Yamaha Alpha hits Nepali market

KATHMANDU: MAW Enterprises, the sole authorised distributor of Yamaha scooters in Nepal, has launched Yamaha Alpha scooter. The company claims Alpha is the most comfortable scooter, with large space and best mileage. It has 800 mm long seat, 250 mm leg space and 21-litre storage space. The scooter is powered by air-cooled 113cc engine and the company claims it provides a mileage of 63 km per litre. It also features telescopic suspension that offers riding comfort in both on and off roads. According to the company, the Alfa has BS24 carburetor with Throttle Positioning Sensor (TPS) that delivers outstanding running performance, excellent fuel efficiency and good emission quality. Yamaha Alpha is available in five colour options including Magical Magenta, Graceful Grey, Radiant White, Brilliant Black and Fiery Red. The scooter is priced at Rs 169,900 in the domestic market and the company offers two years warranty and 8 free services. (PR)

Sipradi launches Tata Movus SUV

KATHMANDU: Sipradi Trading, authorised distributor of Tata vehicles in Nepal, has launched Tata Movus SUV. The vehicle is powered by 2.2L Varicor engine that produces a maximum power of 120 PS and torque of 250 Nm. The company claims it provides mileage of 15.16 kmpl. The company provides two year warranty or 75,000 kms. The vehicle has a 65-litre fuel tank, 180 ground clearances and 2,550 wheel base. According to the company, the vehicle’s low-turning radius of 5.35 metres with a tilt able power steering system makes it easy to drive in traffic conditions. Other features of the vehicle include front roof lamp, middle row lamp, goggles case, remote fuel lid opener, tachometer and analog clock, among others. The vehicle comes with two colour options including white and silver and available in two variants Movus LX and Movus CX. The price of Movus starts from Rs 3.18. (PR)

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