LED TV Price in Nepal


Much has changed since the days when the televisions were black and white. Large CRT crates have given way to modern, thin LED televisions. But not all televisions are the same. They began by invading the market HD Ready Televisions (1280 x 720), then came the Full HD Televisions (1920 x 1080) and the future of high definition are the Ultra HD 4K Televisions (3840 x 2160). The first LCD Televisions were illuminated by florescent lamps, called CCFL, but at the moment most are LED Televisions that have a more uniform brightness. There are also OLED televisions, top-of-the-range models where each individual pixel imitates its own light, allowing to create truly black blacks without any leaks of light as it happens in other systems.

In this article we have gathered all the latest offers provided by various television brands with special discounts on the occassion of Nepali New Year 2076. Feel free to browse and select the right product that fits your needs.

Latest 2019 Offers

Samsung LED TV PRICES – Cricket World Cup 2019 Offer

CG LED TV PRICES – Cricket World Cup 2019 Offer

Skyworth LED TV PRICES – New Year 2019 Offer

Sony LED TV PRICES – New Year 2019 Offer

LG LED TV PRICES – Latest Feb-2019 Offers

LG TV Offer
LG LED TV Feb-2019 Price in Nepal – Click here

TCL LED TV PRICES – Latest 2018 Offers

TCL LED TV 2018 Price in Nepal – Click here
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